Coach K (Mills) Top Ten 
Sundays camp showcased a plethora of talent,  we knew it was going to be a fun filled exciting day went over 180 kids registered.  The Phenom staff was comprised of high school coaches and some of the best high school and club/travel coaches from around the state.  The coaches and staff did not disappoint. Coming out of stations the temple had been sent lots of hot energy and players came out ready to roll. Let’s review the day and see who made Coach KD’s Top-10 performers.
No. 72: 5’7 2023  Casian Richards ( Winston Salem NC)
 AKA the play maker.  This young man drop more dimes on Sunday then a $.10 gumball machine with a hole in the bottom. Does Jason Kidd look alike is worthy of the comparison.  Everyone who signed up and had the good fortune of being on his team was fed well.  They ate well all day. As Richards served up a smorgasbord of delightful back door alleyoops easy basket cut layups and just hit the open man in the right position for the easy open jumpshot all day long.   It was a pleasure to watch a masterful point guard work. The best passer in camp.  He can thread a needle, and his court vision is 360°.  Able to create going to his left or right hand he is a complete offense of player.  Capable of scoring when he needs to. We love him. And hope to see more of him this fall.
No.180: 6’9 2020  Dean Reiber (NW Guilford HS, Greensboro NC) MVP
This young man has an all-around basketball game. He was at work course with good ball handling skills. Strong and athletic skilled at slashing to the basket. Plays with a high motor! Finishes with authority and has a good jump shot out to 15 feet. A powerful defender. Reiber simply did it all and showcased why he was name camp MVP. Reiber already sports offers from Rice University and High Point. Look for his stock to keep growing.,
No. 73 5’7 2021  Lavonte Hughes (Cherryville HS, Cherryville, NC)
This 5’7 Guard is a natural play maker with a very high basketball IQ.  Able to beat his defenders off the dribble he demonstrated great use of his offhand on penetration to the basket where he can finish with either hand consistently.  He gave a solid effort all day on offense and defense.   His performance is worthy of top 10 recognition.
No 173 6’2 2019  Trevon Bell (Freedom Christian, Fayetteville, NC)
 Bell defense was a standout signature for his performance all day. This saucy flyer of a combo guard out of Fayetteville thrilled us play after play.  At Only 6’2 his freakish athleticism allows him to play above the rim. With good court vision and aggressive attitude and great mechanic on his shark able to knock down the mid range a lost art in today’s game he impressed as all day. I will surely be a crowd favorite Westover senior high this year. But his performance on Sunday is certainly worthy of our top 10 list.
No.105: 5’11 2020  Arrington Jones (Atkins HS, Winston-Salem, NC)
Jones is not your traditional point guard but he is a speedster that turns on the Jets.  He brings energy to the lineup and like any good running back he plays low to the ground and turns the corner with speed going to the rack. Has tremendous court vision is a physical multiple position defender that can keep the ball in front of him with good lateral foot speed. Again this is impressive because it exposure camps and even on the AAU circuit now days you don’t see a lot of kids playing chest to chest defense. Jones was a top Tampa former all day.
No.234:  6’10 2019  243 David Elian Jr. (Chapel Hill HS, Chapel Hill, NC ) MR. DEFENSE AWARD
 Make No mistake about it this kid define his power forward.  With good footwork and good balance to go along with exceptional back to the basket moves and the ability to catch and face he is a nightmare in open spaces. Elian likes to face the basket and can shoot with the range to 17 feet he can also put the ball on the floor some and score on versus post players. He has nice bonus and can surprise you with that down in traffic which we witnessed him do about eight times and each game he played in. But unlike a young Blake Griffin he can score in more ways than just dunking on you. Look to see him in this springs Top 80.
No. 157: 6’2 2020 Austin Locklear (Salem Baptist Christian, High Point, NC)
This young man is a very hard worker. We have watched him grow in the Phenom program from year to year it’s amazing to look at his growth, his maturity and the level of growth in his basketball IQ increasing every time we see him in camp.  Locklear can create off the balance with spin moves and complete plays in every traffic in the lane and down the sidelines.  His court vision allows him to make dynamic passes into the lane from the sideline.  He has a sweet shot and can knock down jumpers all over the floor with range past the art he also has a nice Florida game when he gets deep in the lane. He knows how to penetrate drum multiple defenders and dump the Ball off for an easy layup or dunk. Locklear was Top Ten  performer all day long.
No. 152 6’1 2021  Brock Williams (Burlington Christian Academy, Burlington, NC) PLAYMAKER AWARD
This young man certainly was considered for the defense of award.  He may have led the camp and steals probably averaging five steals a game here’s a throwback for all you Basketball hates Mookie Blaylock.  Remember him made it to the NBA strictly playing defense.   Well Williams is no exception this kid was a lockdown defender picking pockets and half court and converting them into layups on the other end.  To go along with his quick hands great Lowes center of balance he gave us so spectacular passes on Office sees the floor well and transition after steel can find the open man on the break and understands The different aspects of transition offense and when to pull out set up and look for secondary break.  We love it!
No. 126 6’0 2020  Isaiah Bridges (Westover HS, Fayetteville, NC)
 Bridges was on point Sunday he went to work making passes in transition that lead to easy baskets for his teammates. With good ballhandling skills, exceptional court vision. And outstanding rebounder for his position. He displayed a lot of positives a blue-collar hard hat, type of guy he came to work Sunday and he’s like glue player every coach looks for.   A great decision maker doesn’t take the bad shot but makes the right shot when he takes it. Doesn’t turn the ball over but makes the right past that will lead to an easy bucket for teammate. There’s a book about this kid its called think the game he could be one of the only young players I have seen lately who has read his own book.
No. 178 6’3 2020  Glenn Bynum Jr. (Northside Christian Academy, Charlotte, NC) MR. HUSTLE AWARD
 I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with this young man and understand his passion for the game. His day got off to a rough start but he quickly calmed down, found his grove and became a top 10 performer in the camp. Outside of playing-the game with passion, what we liked about him was his hesitation step back that he would use to create enough space to get off his jumper at will.  He’s also a good passer and great teammate who plays well and understands the flow of the game he’s great in transition.  His effort on the defensive end was equally impressive.  You can see has been coach and he understands how to hedge on screens a prime example of what help and recover defense look like.  Bynum was one of two players I saw all day who knew how to defend the pick and roll. This young man is a prime example of what happens when a kid with a passion for the game gets good coaching and knows how to apply it on the floor job well done.