For 15 years now the NC Phenom 150 Exposure Camp has built a platform of national level exposure. Year after year, players come from all over the East Coast as the reputation has continued to build from continuing to do things the right way.

The most beautiful part about the NC Phenom 150 Exposure Camp platform, every year, is that players come out of no where and firmly place themselves as Division 1 prospects. Session 1 of the Spring camp this year is no different…Here are some names D1 coaches need to jump on immediately.

6’ Unsigned Senior Andreas Wilson
Kerr Vance Academy (Louisburg, NC)

Wilson just has that “it-factor”. The first thing you notice is his incredible athleticism and the well above the rim explosion. Once the game tips you quickly see that Wilson is a fearless scorer and has a complete arsenal. He is a winner and plays with a major chip on his shoulder, unreal that he has no offers coming into camp…that should change immediately.


6’8” Unsigned Senior Tyzhaun Claude
Goldsboro HS (Goldsboro, NC)

Claude is long and he is explosive. Around the rim, he goes up with ill intentions, attempting to dunk everything. He even stepped out and showed the ability to knock down the three when his feet are set. With so many colleges looking for bigs, he is one who can step in right away and make a difference and still has upside to grow. Offers should be right around the corner.


6’8” 2019 Daniel Lobach
Cape Fear Christian (Erwin, NC)

Lobach may have been the most unlikely standout of the day. Lobach has been homeschooled his whole life, until the last month of so when he enrolled at Cape Fear Christian. Since the summer he has added 2 inches and 20+ pounds to put on his already lengthy (6’11” wing span) frame. In this setting, Lobach showcased the ability to score with his back to the basket, to make the pick & pop 3 and to score off the bounce from the high post or wing. He earned an invite to the NC Top 80 so it will be interesting to watch him against the best. However, he is one that D1 schools need to jump on now as he is getting better by the day.


6’1” 2020 JaJuan Carr
Heide Trask HS (Burgaw, NC)

What a show that Carr put on throughout the camp. He came in with a reputation having numerous people tell us to watch out for him during camp. We did and impressed, time after time. Carr is a strong bodied and aggressive point guard. He showed the ability to get into the paint often and he finished well above the rim and through contact. With his performance on this stage, he earned an invited to the Top 80 camp.


5’11” 2020 Kahleef Jimmison
Hampton Roads Academy (Newport News, Va)

Jimmison plays with great pace and had poise beyond his years. He really navigated well through traffic and he showcased great vision, making everyone on his team better. He is a good defender and has the look of a true point guard moving forward. Nothing is flashy, but he is so effective and efficient, D1s look closely.