From the Sidelines

NC Phenom 150 Girls

Porter's Pick Part 2


Phenom Hoop Report has been a leader in identifying and showcasing high school talent in the Mid-Atlantic for the last 15 years. This past weekend it was time for the ladies to shine as they were given the stage at Fayetteville Academy to impress us. These girls have game and showed out proving in the process that they will not be ignored. Some of the players that stood out are as follows:


No. 33 5'10 2020 Adaje, Williams (Langtree Charter)
Very active young forward really went to work on the glass for her team. Turned effort into production all day long. Bit of a bull in a china shop at this time but we can live with that aggression as long as it is working for good. You can teach skill, you can't teach aggression or motor though, and this girl has both.









No. 7 5'3 2020 Ja-el Miller (Central Carrabus HS)
Super quick and athletic lead guard has great vision and is STRONG on the ball. She was firing passes all over the floor and setting others up for open looks in the process. She has a very quick step and low handles making it near impossible to strip her from the ball. Sticky on the defensive end as well. Size is a factor but her game is big enough and quick enough to compensate.









No. 44 6'0 2020 Sommer Wilson (Comenius School)
Love the length and frame on this young lady. Runs the floor hard and gets rim to rim in a hurry. Active body and long arms helps her to be a big-time factor on the glass. Shows good hands and can pass well for her position. Impacts shots in and around the lane with her length but could be more consistent on this end of the floor. Bright future here.









No. 31 5'9 '2021 Braylyn Milton (Independence HS)
Very intrigued by this young wing prospect. Already blessed with great length for the wing, also showed the shooting touch to go with it. Shows a nice spot up game but also showed the ability to work the pull up to great effect here. Very active on the defensive end of the floor and runs really well too. She is a bit on the slender side but she's just a freshman meaning she will fill out and gain strength as she matures. Great floor is already in place here. It will be exciting to see how she develops as a player.









60 5'11 2020 Ivania Evans (Fayetteville Christian)
We love it when a big plays big and that is exactly what Ivania does. She plays with power but also with skill and touch in and around the lane. When she gains position in the paint she is hard to move and if she wants position there isn't much you can do to stop her from getting it. She is a bull around the basket when rebounding and a bit of a ballet dancer when looking to score. Her conditioning will be a big part of her development but as long as she goes as hard as she does she will turn some heads as a prospect.