No 193 Nicholas Evtimov

Nick is a strong presence in the paint who has exceptional post skills. His footwork and fundamental moves around the basket are far more superior than his young age. Nick understands how to use his great size to his advantage and his upper body and lower body leverage compliments his flawless footwork. He does need to improve his work under the basket rebounding on both ends of the floor. Should be a dominant post-up player in high school.


No. 130 Jordan Beale

Jordan is a complete ball player who has yet to maximize his full potential. His all-around game encompasses ball handling, passing, pushing tempo, finishing at the rim strong, perimeter shots, long range threes, and mid-range shots. Once he decides to become a lock down defender, he will be an outstanding candidate for most outstanding player on any team he plays for. Lastly, when he elevates his teammates to his offensive and defensive levels, he will be MVP all the time.


No. 29 Alphonso Clark

Alphonso is a strong guard who handles the ball well, getting his teammates involved. He has overall court vision and understands his position offensively and defensively. While on defense, he is willing to defend his position and help with others. He is also a good rebounding guard for his size. Great teammate and will be an asset to his team.


No. 68 Alex Greer

Alex is often the first off the floor and first back on the floor, which translates into complete hustle. He is a yes sir, no sir kind of player that will dive on the ground if you ask him to. He is literally a 'take charge' kind of player who can change the game with his hustle and positive attitude. He has an all-around offensive game and a floor leader on defense.


No 78 Victor Thomas

Victor is a joy to coach. He understands the game of basketball offensively and defensively well. He has a command of his ball handling skills, passing ability, long range perimeter, and mid-range shooting. Victor makes his teammates better by involving them offensively and engaging them defensively. Overall, basketball IQ is off the charts and will continue to grow physically and mentally. Should be a coach's award winner on any team he plays on.


No. 150 Jaylon Carr

Jaylon is one of the hardest working post players in the camp. He will do all the dirty work cleaning up the boards offensively and defensively. He works very hard to be in great position in the low post and short perimeter on offense. Defensively, he goes hard and longer on defensive possessions. He is rebounding at a strong pace on offense and a frantic pace defensively. Plays within himself and maximizes his overall basketball abilities.


No. 4 Isaiah Archie

Isaiah is a wonderful complementary guard who makes very good decisions with and without the ball. He is totally committed to his defensive position in that he will cover the ball form end to end, 94 feet. He will need to work on perimeter shooting but has real penetrating ability that makes his players better around him. Great attitude and good athletic ability, super quick as well.


No 138 Dylond Lindell

Dylond is an outstanding perimeter shooter whose range is very good from three but even better shooting percentage from mid-range. He has a Klay Thompson like shooting form and equally is deadly from distance. The really nice thing about Dylond is that he will play defense equally as hard if not harder on the other team's best offensive player. He has one gear and that is full throttle all the time on offense and defense. Intensity and hustle are his character trademarks and he will be one of the better Triad players.


No. 173 Jonathan Pearsall

Jonathan has a great motor and an even better attitude as a player. He is one player you want to have battling with you on and off the court. Very good position player who understands his role offensively and defensively. His footwork is very solid which enhances his post-game and ultimately his mid-range game. His attitude improves his overall worth as a solid player and very athletic as well.


No. 47 Landon Lee

Landon helps his team by being the best player in his position, being in the right place at the right time. His form is very good and his court vision is exceptional. He makes great court decisions with the ball and even better defensive position plays as a help side defender. Well rounded team player who will develop into a strong leader off and on the floor.

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