#15:'4'11 '22 Mykah Frazier of Havelock MS (Havelock)

Starting things off with a lead guard that played bigger than his size and displayed noticeable heart, Mykah Frazier. He is an unfinished product, but as he grows, his game will continue to expand and the game will become easier for him. Frazier already possesses a guard's mind, seeing the floor and moving the ball quite well. He's a pretty pesky defender and does a solid job when it comes to moving laterally; when matched up against players with relative size, he often made them struggle. Next in his development process is to continue to polish his two-way game, adding a go-to scoring move on offense and getting better off-ball, on both ends. Coach Cherry on Frazier: 'Mykah is a great kid. He played extremely hard throughout camp. I would like to see Mykah play against kids his size to see how he'd fare, as he did really well in those opportunities. Mykah has a good feel for the game; at times his confidence faltered due to his size, but he should continue to work, as he will grow and his game will be prepared for it.' We have nothing but high hopes as Mykah enters this season coming off a nice performance during camp.

#55:'5'3 '22 Na'Heim Lilly of Randleman MS (Asheboro)

Moving on to a player that displayed the ability to play the lead guard with a healthy balance between scoring and getting his teammates involved, Na'Heim Lilly. He is a solid athlete in terms of speed and quickness; can shimmy past defenders quite easily off the dribble, where he then finishes at quality rates around the basket. Lilly showcased heavy use of his off-hand and a nice looking jumper. He plays the point guard position with great IQ, poise and unselfishness; constantly creates shot opportunities for others. Next in his development process is continuing to build his all-around game, though he has few holes in his game, it's important that he keeps working. Coach Cherry on Lilly: 'Na'Heim really looked impressive. He has good IQ and feel for the game. He handles the ball quite well and possesses the ability to beat his defender off the dribble and finish. He's a solid all-around point guard that looks to get teammates involved. He has a lot of potential.' Lilly stood out with his strong play throughout camp and should certainly work towards ascending his game.

#70:'5'4 '22 Malachi Cooper of Summit MS (Columbia)

Next, we look at a combo guard that consistently picked his spots on offense while heckling opponents on defense, Malachi Cooper. He's an interesting player; offensively he is a strong scorer inside the arc, but also displayed glimpses of a formidable three-point shot. On the other end of the floor he's got all the makings of a plus defender, moves well laterally and does a quality job on the ball; once he gets better off-ball, he'll be a dangerous two-way player. Next in his development process is adding consistency to his three-point shot, which would open the floor up considerably, allowing him to operate with space. Coach Cherry on Cooper: 'Malachi is a solid player that has solid ability when it comes to beating his defender off the dribble. He had some difficulties against bigger defenders but has wonderful penetration skills. He's a nice shooter also. For his age group, he does a good job of running the team and demonstrated good IQ.' Cooper did quite well during camp and should continue to build off his strong play.

#101:'5'6 '22 Robert McCullough of James Martin MS (Charlotte)

Moving onto an all-around wing that was extremely polished during camp on both sides of the ball, Robert McCullough. He displayed the ability to score on all three levels quite well; can create a shot out of nothing, whether for himself or others. McCullough has a high motor and plays the game with a high IQ and it shows; he makes great decisions with the ball and is incredibly unselfish on offense. He's on the path to being a very complete offensive player, with plus-level defense, sooner than later. Next in his development process is working on his defense, although he's a solid defender it's important that his defense stay on pace with his offense. Coach Cherry on McCullough: 'Robert is unselfish almost to a fault, he is capable of making more plays but defers to his teammates a lot and makes sure they're involved. When he looks to make plays he showed a very innate ability to create for himself and others quite easily. He's a terrific player, once HE realizes that he'll be even better.' Coach Cherry said it best, as McCullough continues to improve, he will emerge as a two-way force.

#111:'5'6 '21 Gary Locklear of Prospect (Pembroke)

Next we look at a versatile wing that has few holes in his game and plays with a hard-nosed approach, Gary Locklear. His offensive game mostly consists of jump shooting, as he can create a shot for himself in traffic decently well. He plays with a very levelheaded approach, never letting anything affect his emotions. Next in his development process is to move better without the ball and improve his lateral quickness; both would allow him to really punish opponents on both sides of the ball. Coach Cherry on Locklear: 'Gary plays very hard, and while he doesn't have a true position he can be a solid utility player. Gary has an even temperament and doesn't allow the flow of the game to dictate his emotions. He's tough and doesn't back down from opponents. If he continues to work he can develop into a solid player.' Locklear should continue to expand his all-around game to high levels, making him a difficult player to go against at all times.

#137:'5'9 '21 Omari Bolden of Paisley IB (Winston-Salem)

Continuing on with a wing that could consistently get it done on both ends with his toughness and athleticism, Omari Bolden. He's capable of playing three positions comfortably and doesn't lose a step on the defensive end either. Bolden scores on all three levels at strong rates, can break defenders down with the dribble quite easily or score by way of his silky jumper whenever he pleases. He's a strong finisher around the rim; plays unselfishly, creates an abundance of shots for both himself and teammates. Mirrors defenders on the defensive end, moving extremely well laterally and finds himself picking up steals and blocks frequently. Next in his development process is to work on his rebounding and transition defense; he plays with high energy and can definitely use that towards his all-around game. Coach Cherry on Bolden: 'Omari is a very skilled and crafty player. He really needs to assert himself a lot more; he is capable of becoming a special player. He handles the ball well and finishes strong constantly. He can set up teammates or beat his man for a basket. Omari will make some coach very happy. He is capable of playing the one, two, or three on the floor in addition to being an outstanding defender.' Bolden turned heads when he was in the game during camp, and he should look to build off his strong performance going into the season.

#147:'5'10 '21 Tyrone Hardy Jr. of Charlotte Christian (Charlotte)

Next we look at a player that played really strong two-way ball and can hurt opponents in a variety of ways, Tyrone Hardy Jr. He's long and can play three positions in a pinch; possesses the ability to get his shot at will, scores from midrange and around the rim really well. He handles the ball nicely, can find a shot within the first few seconds of touching the ball and converts at high rates. Defensively he is outstanding, able to contain opposing players with such poise; works incredibly hard and does everything that's asked of him on both ends. Next in his development process is adding range to his three-point shot, as he will be an unstoppable all-around player with said addition. Coach Cherry on Hardy: 'Tyrone is a seventh grader who has a knack for scoring. He has a proficient half court handle; can get his shot in two or three dribbles. Tyrone is a good athlete who can compete with other players because of his strength and athleticism. He has a good midrange game and is a tenacious defender who consistently beats his man to the spot. Tyrone will do well this season.' After showcasing his wide range of skills, Hardy should continue improving to become a lethal prospect.

#149:'6'5 '21 Jacori Owens of Hickory Grove (Charlotte)

Moving on with a big man that torched the opposition on the low block by use of his brute strength, Jacori Owens. Offensively, he's constantly improving; has the ability to seal his man off and finish really well with his strong hand. Owens even displayed a formidable jump shot that ranges out to the elbows. He's got phenomenal size/length/strength combination and knows how to use his body to his advantage. Defensively, he controls the paint and is able to send countless shots flying in a hurry, is a quality defender in the post; rebounds extremely well on both ends. Next in his development process is expanding his range beyond the elbows and tightening his off-the-bounce ability. Coach Cherry on Owens: 'Jacori has huge upside. At 6'5 in the eighth grade he clearly will continue to grow. He establishes post-position deep on the block and is able to hold it well. He has a nice drop step with his right foot. Obviously, at his age he is still somewhat raw with his skill set. Jacori is coachable and works very hard; he rebounds with both hands and has good timing with his shot blocking ability. Huge upside and a great kid; showed he can also step out and shoot ten to fifteen feet.' Owens should continue to work on his skill-game, as the size and athleticism he's blessed with are only going to keep projecting up.

#173:'6'0 '22 Bralen Morris of Clemons MS (Kernersville)

Next we look at a two-way big man that punishes the opposition with his ability to finish over defenders amidst traffic, Bralen Morris. He's got nice size that he utilizes to throw defenders around, on either end. Morris displayed a strong ability to get his shot out of the post and midrange automatically, finishes well with both hands. Defensively, Morris has no issues with opposing big men, as he can easily contain them in the post; they must have perimeter skills to catch him off balance. Next in his development process is to expand his game out of the post, on both ends; his jump shot could benefit from added range and his off-ball defense has room for improvement. Coach Cherry on Morris: 'Bralen is a strong kid who played well inside. He establishes post-position well; can get his shot on taller defenders and does a wonderful job calling for the ball. Has a solid midrange jump shot. He defends the post and holds his position really well. If he continues to grow, he can really be a solid post player in high school.' Morris is already a two-way threat with an expanding game; expect to hear his name in the near future.

#183:'6'1 '22 Julius Reese Jr. of Southeast MS (Kernersville)

Finishing up with a combo forward that has nice perimeter skills to pair with a quality inside game, Julius Reese Jr. He gained points for being among the most coachable kids at camp, always displaying a positive attitude and doing above and beyond anything coach asked of him. Offensively, he doesn't have many holes; can get a shot in a variety of ways but tends to lean on his pull-up jumper and strong drives to the basket, both proved to be extremely efficient methods of scoring for Reese. His high motor and sharp quickness are Reese's nicest assets on defense, he hounds opposing players and maintains good position for recovery. Next in his development process is continuing to expand his perimeter skills, tightening his handle and cashing in on catch and shoot opportunities. Coach Cherry on Reese: 'Julius is the kid every coach wants on their team, as he is extremely coachable. He plays with 100% on every possession; a 'yes sir, no sir' player. He defends the ball well and communicates with teammates, is a great locker room guy. He attacks the basket strong and can finish with either hand; will have no problem playing in high school. Has an outstanding pull-up jumper.' Reese turned heads with his destructive two-way play, and should only improve, as he comes off a strong performance at camp.