#61: 5'3 ’22 Caiden Stinson of Porter Ridge MS (Matthews, NC)

Caiden is a wing with a high basketball IQ that gives a maximum effort every time that he steps on the floor. Coach Cooper stated, 'he does all the little things and has a lot of potential.' Throughout the Caiden seemed to always make the right play, either making the right play to help teammates or making the right play for himself. Caiden showed a nice mid range range game, but in the future he will need to extend his range. He will also need to continue to work on his handle in order to keep defenders honest.

#143: 5'9 ’21 Mustapha Sha of Shepard, MS (Durham, NC)

Mustapha is a long forward plays with great energy, which results in a lot of rebounds and extra opportunities for his team. Coach Cooper stated, ' he has a great body and plays hard on every possession.' He was able to finish plays around the basket using his length and energy to get to loose balls. In the future he will need to continue to work on his ball handling, which with his body with become a real asset in the upcoming years. He will also need to have a consistent jump shot.

#5: 4'9 ’22 Conor Jackson of Kelly Mill MS (Blythewood, SC)

Conor is a pass first point guard that's always looking to get his teammates involved, routinely finding them for easy baskets. He has an excellent feel for the game and plays the game at a great pace. Coach Cooper stated, 'he has great speed and quickness that allows him to affect the game in many different ways.' Conor showed nice form on his jumpshot and will need to continue to develop that part of his game. Conor is a team first player does all the necessary things to help his team win games.

#142: 5'9 ’21 Trever Reid of Norwayne MS (Fremont, NC)

Trever is a wing with nice size and length that uses to make plays all over the basketball floor. Coach Cooper stated, 'he has a great feel for the game and plays hard at all times.' He showed the ability to make jump shots and will need to continue to make that a consistent part of his game. Trever has all the tools to be a very good defensive player as well and cause a lot of disruption on that end of the floor.

#105: 5'6 ’21 Chris Daniels of Durant MS (Raleigh, NC)

Chris is a hard working guard that competes on both ends of the floor. He has a very good motor and never seems to take a play off. Coach Cooper stated, 'he played the game with great energy and has great upside.' The next step for Chris will be to sharpen up his ball handling skills and also extending his range on his jump shot. Defensively he is already well ahead of the game with how hard he plays.

#106: 5'6 ’21 Daniel Fox of C.W. Stanford (Hillsborough, NC)

Daniel is a crafty guard that has a very high basketball IQ and he puts it to good use. He was able to make plays for himself and others by simply understanding where players were most effective at. Coach Cooper stated, ' he has excellent court vision and is able to see plays before they happen leading to easy baskets.' Daniel is the definition of a team player, and really took control of the offense when he was in the game. As he matures he will need to show the ability to stretch the defense with shooting.

#177: 6'0 ’21 Justin Johnson of Carrington MS Durham, NC

Justin has great size and length with plenty of room to grow. He already has an advanced skill set for his age, which was on full display throughout the day. Coach Cooper stated, 'he has an outstanding motor and runs the floor with a purpose.' Justin understands the game and makes the right plays either for himself or others. He plays with intensity on both ends of the floor and creates problems defensively, because of his size/toughness. In the future he will need to show extended range out to the three point line, if he continues to play from the wing position. Justin already has a nice mid range game and finishes around the basket well. Both through contact and skill.

#73: 5'4 ’22 Jayden Michael of Rolesville MS (Raleigh, NC)

Jayden is a guard that plays the game the right way and is very hard to keep out of the paint. He was able to break his man down off the dribble several times and create plays for his team. Coach Cooper stated, ' he has major upside with an advanced one on one game.' Jayden has a nice handle, but also needs to be efficient with his dribbles. Which will cut down on the number of turnovers that he commits. He has a very high basketball IQ and knows how to pick his spot in order to put his team in scoring positions.

#178: 6'0 ’21 Tenzin NYima St. Annes-Belfield (Charlottesville, VA)

Tenzin is a forward with a great feel for the game. For a player of his size and age he already possess a very nice looking jump shot that will make him difficult to defend. Coach Cooper stated, ' he has a great release on his jump shot with solid mechanics, which sets him apart from most players his age.' Tenzin has major upside and as he continues to work on the small things his game will continue to elevate.