#30:'5'1 '22 Justin Monden of Wakefield MS (Raleigh)

Starting with a guard whose tight ball handling skills opened up the game for him and the team, Justin Monden. His ability to lead his team on the floor was constantly displayed through getting teammates the ball in pristine opportunities. He has a nice looking jump shot that falls regularly inside the arc; displayed a formidable three-point shot. Next in his development process is adding strength and working on his defense, specifically in transition; the added toughness will show on the defensive end. Coach Gary on Monden: 'Justin is a nice ball handler that possesses fantastic shooting mechanics. Plays with poise and a solid IQ; player has been well coached. Needs to improve on playing with more strength.' Monden should continue on his path of hard work in order to reach his ceiling; will be an interesting point guard as he grows.

#38:'5'2 '22 Amir Crawford of Pine Forest MS (Fayetteville)

Next, we look at a player whose gritty, hard-nosed approach gained him considerable points among the coaches, Amir Crawford. He's a defensive-first guard that is still improving his offensive arsenal; has no difficulty matching up against bigger guards, often finds himself picking up a considerable amount of steals. Offensively, he's a work in progress that currently does most of his work off-ball and through cutting as he continues to build his jump shot. Next in his development process is to work on tightening up his ball handling skills and retooling his shot mechanics, in order to allow him to get off a quality shot when he pleases. Coach Gary on Crawford: 'Amir is a solid beginning basketball player. Showed great determination on the defensive end of the court, and played help defense on the ball which led to many steals. He was a hard worker on the glass and picked up extra rebounds for the team. Needs to improve on his jump shot and ball handling.' Crawford should continue to expand his game going forward, as what he displayed on the defensive end left spectators feeling optimistic.

#80:'5'4 '21 Tyler Gary of South View MS (Raeford)

Moving onto a point guard that could do nearly no wrong on either end of the floor, Tyler Gary. He's a very nice two-way player that controls the tempo on both sides; has the ability to play either guard spot in a pinch. Offensively, he is able to contort defenses with his innate ability to handle and distribute the ball to teammates, a phenomenal passer that can find openings with even the tightest of spaces. He's able to get to the rim and finish with ease but also has a quality jump shot from three, is a scorer on three levels. On the other side of the ball, Gary played strong defense on and off-ball. Next in his development process is to work on moving without the ball and rebounding on both ends, as this would allow him to play off-ball much easier. Coach Gary on Gary: 'Tyler is a pure point guard that has poise in handling pressure and double teams in the open court. Great court vision in seeing open lanes and open men. Plays almost too unselfishly by passing up open looks to pass to open teammates. Good shooting mechanics and finishing at the rim; is a plus defender.' If Gary continues to polish his game, there's no doubt he's going to be on our radar for a long time.

#90:'5'5 '22 Bryce Cash of Community House (Charlotte)

Continuing onto a player whose attitude and high motor got him noticed from the opening tip, Bryce Cash. He's a really strong defensive wing that was aggressive both on and off-ball; has no issue defending bigger players. Cash possesses nice footwork and mind for the defensive end. Offensively, he's improving constantly but struggled to assert himself, usually deferring to his teammates. Next in his development process is just that, asserting himself within the teams' offense and working on his ball handling ability; this would make a two-way threat that has to be accounted for at all times. Coach Gary on Cash: 'Bryce is a great kid to coach, has a great attitude towards playing and learning the game of basketball. Bryce was a solid defender and rebounder that showed a lot of hustle on both ends of the court. Had really nice footwork on the defensive end; needs to improve on offensive aggression and handling the ball.' Cash's motor and constant need for perfection on the defensive end will make him a favorite among his coaches for years to come.

#121:'5'7 '22 Cameron Ray of Charlotte Country Day (Charlotte)

Next, we look at a wing that showcased his ability to play strong two-way ball while using a high IQ, Cameron Ray. He's a nice ball handler when given the opportunity, and can get to the basket easily where he finishes strong with either hand. Defensively, he is a strong defender on and off-ball by using a combination of quickness and intelligence. Ray is a capable scorer already and everything he adds going forward is a huge plus. Next in his development process is to work on moving without the ball and refining his jump shot, as this would make him a complete two-way player. Coach Gary on Ray: 'Cameron is a great kid to coach, he has a lot of basketball knowledge and is a really good on the ball defender. Should hustle on both ends of the court. Has the ability to dribble and penetrate with both hands; was able to pass the ball effectively without turnovers. Handles on the ball pressure very well.' Ray displayed a quality outing at camp and should continue to build on his performance going into the season.

#126:'5'5 '21 Chas Stinson of Porter Ridge MS (Matthews)

Moving onto a wing whose defensive ability immediately put him in elite status of all prospects at camp, Chas Stinson. He's an athletic defender that mirrors opponents and can guard three positions comfortably; moves fluidly on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he's a really solid scorer off the dribble, very able to get past his defender and to the rim where he finishes automatically. Next in his development process is to work on extending his jump shot range and becoming more consistent with those shots. Coach Gary on Stinson: 'Chas is a pure athlete that has a good knack for playing defense. He made a lot of steals on the ball and when playing help defense. Chas finished very well at the basket and in the open court; his defense was a game-changer, great on and off-ball defense, can snuff out the bad pass. Showed the ability to make good decisions with the ball in his hands.' Stinson set himself apart from the pack on the defensive end early and continued his strong play the entire duration of camp.

#163 5'10 2021 Adonis Davis ' Barnwell, SC

Adonis Davis was a true player throughout the entire camp for his team.' In almost every game, he led the way in scoring for Team 18 and was a true threat no matter where he was on the court.' Davis was excellent in the open floor and in transition, making a living on opponents when he attacked the rim.' Davis showed just how strong we was, as he was one of the strongest players finishing at the rim and through contact.' In the games, he finished with 19, 21, and 23 points, as he was one of the top players at the camp.' With his size, ability to handle the ball, and scoring threat, Davis has the talent to be a special player in the state of South Carolina and people really need to watch out for this young man in the coming years.

#157:'5'10 '21 Logan Wheeler of West Lake MS (Holly Springs)

Continuing onto a forward with size who showed a solid ability to get his shot inside the arc, Logan Wheeler. He possesses solid length and IQ to match; made smart decisions with the ball around the elbows and though he isn't much of a distributor, he showed the ability to make the correct pass when penetrating. Wheeler works fairly hard on both sides of the ball and thrives in transition, able to be the first man back and stop fast breaks at a nice rate. Next in his development process is to work on his shot selection and finishing ability; though he is a good penetrator, it would benefit him immensely to finish at a higher rate. Coach Gary on Wheeler: 'Logan has good basketball IQ for his size, shows the ability to get to the basket and get good looks. Needs to improve on shot selection and finishing shots; showed that he has speed and effort in transition. With body maturity, he will be a good scorer and finisher; showed poise when dribbling the ball in traffic.' Wheeler's game is constantly changing with his growth that is still projecting to rise up as he enters the season.

#193:'6'2 '21 Johnny Caraher of Culbreth MS (Chapel Hill)

Next, we look at two-way big man whose camp was cut short due to injury (only played one game), Johnny Caraher. However, in the contest that he did play in Caraher shone bright and extremely polished. He picked up numerous blocks on the defensive end and shut down opposing post players. Next in his development process is to work on the release time on his jump shot, his form is fine, it just takes him awhile to wind it up and get it off. Coach Gary on Caraher: 'Johnny is a skilled basketball player with good post moves; plays very well with his back to the basket. Needs to improve on getting a quick shot out of the post. Good footwork in the post on defense; has solid timing on the ball defense. He was able to block other post players shots; was a fundamental player that has a good career ahead of him.' Though he didn't finish camp, Caraher left a huge imprint with how he did play and should continue his strong play going into the season.

#198:'6'2 '21 Tay Smith of Whitewater MS (Charlotte)

Finishing up with an intriguing big man that showed two-way capabilities throughout camp, Tay Smith. He's got great size to pair with his athletic frame; is a really solid scorer off the dribble or in the post. Smith is a quality defender, able to play comfortably anywhere inside the three-point line; jumps passing lanes and showed intelligence when it came to help defense. Next in his development process is working on scoring with his jump shot and refining its mechanics; he can do many things on offense but could use a reliable jump shot. Coach Gary on Smith: 'Tay is a hard working basketball player that does very well on both ends of the court. Has a big, athletic body. Can play both inside and out for his size; has pride in defending the ball and showed the ability to post or face-up for quality shots. Tay hustles on every play, was a very coachable kid.' Smith's growth is ahead of schedule and he will only to continue to grow in size and as a basketball player.