#27:'5'1 '22 Dawson Edwards of Rogers-Herr MS (Durham)

First we look at a guard that was capable of running the offense while being vocal on both sides of the ball, Dawson Edwards. He can play either guard position, but given his feel and size for the point guard position, it's probably smartest that he be placed as the lead. However, when he does bump to off-guard he proves to be a complimentary scorer; maintains his true point guard mentality. Defensively, he works his man all the way down the floor and harasses opposing ball handlers like it's his job. Next in his development process is to work on his all-around scoring ability, whether off the drive or jumper, as this will make him a huge two-way threat. Coach Murphy on Edwards: 'Dawson was able to run the team well from the point guard position and shot it well in the catch and shoot opportunities. He defends 94 feet on and off-ball; Dawson is very coachable and was vocal with his teammates in a positive way.' Edwards showcased his strong ability to play the point guard position at a high level, especially on defense, and should carry that into the upcoming season.

#41:'5'2 '22 Nikolas Graves of Durham Academy (Durham)

Next, we look at a guard whose strongest ability is to create shots off the dribble, for himself and others, Nikolas Graves. He is able to score effectively when penetrating to the basket, as it takes him few dribbles; he's very balanced with his scoring to assisting preference. Graves is a traditional point guard that wants to spread it around evenly and ensure everyone is involved. Defensively, he gives opposing guards constant trouble, since he moves quite well laterally and hardly gets beaten off the bounce. Next in his development process is to continue to refine his jump shot and ability to move without the ball; if he can add both, there's would be no doubt in his potential. Coach Murphy on Graves: 'Nikolas did really well when it came to making plays for teammates or himself. He accepted coaching and made adjustments quickly. Nikolas played on and off the ball effectively; he made shots and got to the rim multiple times with limited dribbles.' After Graves showcased his range of skills during camp, it's essential that he continue to work towards becoming elite, as he enters this season.

#77:'5'4 '21 Shane Blakeney of Castle Heights MS (Rock Hill)

Moving onto an all-around guard whose ability to do nearly everything at a high level got him noticed quickly, Shane Blakeney. He's a true point guard but is quite capable of bumping up to play off-ball, where he proved to be an effective penetrator and defender. Blakeney is the type of player that can and will do whatever coach asks of him, willing to make individual sacrifices for the team. He's armed with a high IQ that is evident on both sides, but especially defensively, as he displayed a firm understanding on when to send help, recovery, and double the post. Next in his development process is working on his jump shot; his mechanics could be cleaner and it would make his shot more efficient. Coach Murphy on Blakeney: 'Shane plays as a high-level point guard. He attacked off the dribble consistently and efficiently; shot the ball well and showed the ability to make many plays for others. Shane played full-court defense on the ball and trapped effectively in the post, can do it all on that end. He was effective with the three dribble rule offensively and moved without the ball really well.' Blakeney was among a class of two-way point guards that simply ran their team with great effectiveness; he should build off of his play as he enters the season.

#92:'5'5 '21 Jalen Lowery of Eastway MS (Charlotte)

Continuing on with a guard who proved to be an absolutely lethal shooter from any spot on the floor, Jalen Lowery. He's able to play either guard spot, as his shooting gave every defense problems, and might even be better suited for the off-guard role as time progresses. Lowery is a solid defender, as he uses his quickness and footwork to his advantage; works really hard on both sides of the ball, never looking gassed or unable to keep with pace. Next in his development process is adding the ability to penetrate better; once teams can't force him to drive, he will be a phenomenal all-around scorer. Coach Murphy on Lowery: 'Jalen is a high-level shooter; shoots off the catch very well and with urgency. Jalen understands team defense and works well off the ball in passing lanes, and picks up plenty of steals. He accepts coaching and makes needed adjustments quickly and was successful.' Lowery showed what a floor-spacer can do for an offense and he should continue to expand his game, as he will only get better.

#118:'5'10 '22 Ra'Shaun Robinson of East Wake MS (Knightdale)

Next, we look at a prospect that possesses nice size to go with his polish in the paint, Ra'Shaun Robinson. Offensively, he's a work in progress; prefers to set up shop around the midrange area where he can take opponents off the dribble or pull-up quick to get his shot off. Robinson moves without the ball really well and rebounds intensely on both sides of the floor; boxes out and often grabs boards over bigger guys. He makes his money on defense, where he uses his mind more than his body when it comes to stopping the opposition; defends the post decently well. Next in his development process is to refine his offensive game; while he doesn't look to the jump shot often, it would make a nice addition to his game and would open up the floor considerably. Coach Murphy on Robinson: 'Ra'Shaun was explosive in the mid post. He scored off the dribble effectively and moved without the ball well. He rebounded the ball effectively versus larger players and made certain to defend the best opposing big man. Ra'Shaun defended well off the ball and moved with purpose. Needs to work on raising his jump shot release going forward.' Robinson should be encouraged with his performance at camp and needs to continue to build his game going forward.

#128:'5'8 '22 Graham Worland of St. Mark Catholic (Hunterville)

Moving onto a forward that was willing to do the little things to help his team win, Graham Worland. He's a tough player; he moves quite well off-ball, hits shots when given the opportunity, and showed he is a capable catch and shoot three-point shot. Defensively, Worland is really aggressive and plays intensely hard on that end, getting steals that resulted in numerous fast break opportunities for his team. Next in his development process is adding something on both sides of the ball: penetration/off the bounce game on offensive and getting stronger at on-ball defense. Coach Murphy on Worland: 'Graham worked hard with and without the ball. He was aggressive on defense and played the passing lanes consistently. Graham shot well within the offense and should continue working on his ball handling. He was a great worker that provided the team with tremendous effort during camp.' Worland is an able player and will continue to improve; if he takes the necessary steps, he should grow into an intriguing prospect sooner than later.

#129:'6'2 '21 Eric Van Der Heijden of Ravenscroft (Raleigh)

Next, we look at a combo forward with a very high IQ and an intriguing, quirky game, Eric Van Der Heijden. He's a scorer on all three levels yet really thrives behind the arc, where he works as a stretch four extremely well; has the ability to take opponents off the dribble and finish strong around the basket. Van Der Heijden has a solid handle and can create a shot pretty well, for both himself and others. He hits the glass hard on both ends, boxes out well and moves the ball up court immediately upon getting the rebound. Next in his development process is to work on his defensive abilities, as he is so strong on offense and could certainly benefit from being a complete two-way player. Coach Murphy on Van Der Heijden: 'Eric is a big time offensive player; he moves without the ball really well and scores often as a result. He has to improve defensively. Eric competed on the boards when challenged and showed off his high basketball IQ. He has a high-level of confidence and finishes through contact.' Van Der Heijden is a really interesting prospect; as he continues to build his defensive game, he will gain huge buzz in the near future.

#138:'5'9 '21 Christopher Brown of First Assembly (Charlotte)

Continuing on with a forward with a growing offensive game and showed the ability to guard multiple positions on the other end, Christopher Brown. Offensively, he is able to get his shot off the dribble quite well and can make his way to the rim with limited dribbles. On the other end, he is a competent defender that uses his strength and quickness to hang with opposing players. Brown is athletic and doesn't struggle against players with bigger size; often defends and rebounds at a quality level. Next in his development process is working on his jump shot, tightening his mechanics and release while extending his range beyond the paint. Coach Murphy on Brown: 'CJ works hard versus larger players in the post. Defensively, he stays connected and boxed out consistently; on the other end, he attacks with power and stays low. Often finished through and over contact. CJ passed the ball well out of double teams and showed the ability to rebound against length, gave 100% at all times.' Brown made smart decisions throughout camp and stayed within his game, attacking the opposition whenever available; there's good reason to believe you'll hear his name in the future.

#156:'5'10 '21 Justin Taylor of The Covenant School (Charlottesville)

Next, we look at a wing that has two-way capabilities and was among the best players in regards to moving without the ball, Justin Taylor. He's a high IQ player that utilizes his mind, instead of his body, to find his path towards easy buckets. He understands spacing and where he should be on offense in order to avoid clogging up the lane, an underrated skill. Defensively, he shines brighter off-ball, where he reads the floor extremely well and cuts off passing lanes consistently. Taylor is a very nice complimentary player on both ends and allows the game to come to him. Next in his development process is to work on his ball handling, as his ability to penetrate and finish would likely improve also once he takes the necessary steps. Coach Murphy on Taylor: 'Justin showed a high basketball IQ, moved really well without the ball and made shots at a high level. He rebounded well in traffic and against larger players. Justin accepted coaching on defense and worked hard in passing lanes and digging in the post.' Taylor showcased his ability to play both sides of the ball at a high level and should build off his strong performance at camp as he enters the season.

#191:'6'2 '21 Nathan Brafford of Waynesville MS (Waynesville)

Finishing up with a player that can hurt teams in so many ways, on either end, with his high motor and efficiency, Nathan Brafford. He's a natural power forward, can play with his back to the basket or step back, take the midrange jumper, or even step back and hit the occasional three-pointer. Brafford understands how the game flows and moves well without the ball, able to seal off his man on the low block and go to work; has nice touch around the basket and can finish well with either hand. He often dominated his matchup against opposing big men, piling up points and rebounds in a hurry, while shutting them down on defense. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his jump shot, as the rest of his game is pretty well-rounded, but if he could shoot the three-pointer efficiently then he'd be a nightmare for opponents. Coach Murphy on Brafford: 'Nathan scored often by moving off-ball and finding easy baskets; he made midrange shots off the catch and shot a high percentage on jumpers. He showed the ability to score with his back to the basket and showed quality footwork. Nathan was sound defensively and competed hard against bigger post players.' Brafford had a nice two-way showing, especially for a big man, and should look to continue to take his game to new heights as he enters the season.

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