Arturo Overton 5'1 Hopkins SC Southwest Middle 2023

Arturo Overton was solid at camp has a great attitude and a high basketball IQ for a middle school player. He has great penetration ability; great finisher can finish with either hand. His excellent vision and seems to know where everyone is on the floor. Makes great pass to teammates on time so that they have an opportunity to make plays. Coach Morton on Arturo Overton: Kid has a great attitude he had to change teams in the middle of the game and it didn't faze him. He came over and played like he was on the team the whole time. He plays very hard has great natural skills and feel for the game. If he puts the time in he has a chance to be a really good player at the high school level.' Coach Morton need a little fire power on his team so they moved the players around a little bit. This player did really well with the move and it really benefited him. This kid was able to show some skills that he had that we didn't see on the first team he was playing on. Kid is going to be are really good player on his middle school team this year.

Brayden Rollins 4'6 Lexington SC Carolina Springs 2024

This kid was the one of the smallest kids at the camp but had the biggest heart. He is not afraid to throw his little fame in the middle of the action. He has sneaky ball handling skills; In one of the games He rebounded the ball and went coast to coast before passing the ball to an open teammate for a basket.' Coach Morton on Brayden Rollins: Smallest guy on the court but had the most effort. His sized worked against him today. But he has a great skill set. Once he grows watch out!' One of favorite players of the camp. If his size catches up with his skills remember that you saw him at Phenom first!

Cameron Ringer 5'2 Irmo SC Crossroad 2023

One thing that stands out about Cameron is his ability to shoot the three point shot; he has good range as a catch and shoot player. He handles the ball pretty well for his age and he finishes well around the basket. Cameron has great vision and gets open teammates the ball. Would like to see him put a little just as much effort on the defensive side of the ball. Coach Morton on Cameron Ringer: 'Cameron is a great athlete he made couple very good plays on offense. Needs to work on things on the defensive side of the ball.'

Jordan Allen 5'3 Charlotte NC Randolph Middle School 2023

Jordan Allen plays the game with a great attitude and will doing anything that his coach asks him to do. He has great shooting mechanics; he shoots the ball really well for his age.' Has a solid IQ he knows where his teammates are on the floor and he makes very good passes to them for scoring opportunities. He plays really good defense turning the offensive player making them turn the ball over making difficult passes. Coach Morton even gave him a nickname 'JRock'. Coach Morton on JRock: 'JRock played hard all day and was a joy to coach. Had a hard time off the ball on defense but on offense he hit some nice buckets during the day. Will be a good player as he gets older and work more on his game. 'Younger player develop more on offense then they do on defense. The more he plays the more he will understand how important defense is.

# 65 Farrington Newton 5'4 Leland NC Murray MS 2023

'Fig' is the nickname Coach Morton gave this prospect. He has a great body for his age. He has some great abilities to be as young as he is. Did really well all day with his dribble penetration. And when he wasn't passing the ball to open teammates he made some really good finishes for himself. He has a great attitude for the game and does well with accepting criticism. He needs to polish up his ball handling skills. He has great mechanics so his shot will get better the stronger he gets. Coach Morton on Farrington 'Fig' Newton: 'FIG' played hard all day! Wasn't the most skilled but did what every was asked of him. Can see him being a glue guy for his middle school team next year'.

#66 Grady Whitt 5'4 Raleigh NC Pine Hollow MS 2023

This kid is a head of the curve with his court vision and his passing ability. With his solid IQ he's able to make everyone on the floor he's playing with better. He has a great attitude about the game and accepted criticism very well from his coach. He made great plays all day and rebounded the ball well for his position. Would like to see him work on his transition defense learning to stop the ball in transition and communicate with his team a little more on that side of the floor. Coach Morton had a lot of good things to say about Grady Whitt: 'Grady did a great job today because he was a great teammate. He passed the ball well all day. If you were open and ready he got you the ball. Did a really good job of knocking down open looks. Needs to work on his quickness. He is going to have a really good year this year in middle school.'

#134 Draven Pilson 5'9 Winston-Salem NC Montessori School of Raleigh 2023

A good attitude will carry you a long way when it comes to basketball and this kids has one. He also has great size for a middle school player. Where he plays solid is on the defensive side of the ball right now. He helped his teammates in the paint with help side defense. And rebounded very well. To be a well-rounded player I would like to see him work on his ball handing and his outside shot. Coach Morton on Draven 'Big D' Pilson: 'Big D! Great kid who I loved coaching. He needs to get better with his skill set and he has to potentially to be very good. He was the guy that was pulling for his teammates all day. It's great to see a kid pulling and back for his teammates at a young age. This kid is a leader!'

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