Coach K’s Standouts
Let’s take a look back at today’s stand out performers from North Carolina Junior Phenom camp session 2 and remember the play makers,  the defensive stoppers, and the rest of the high impact players
No. 54:  5’10  2023 Malik Brunson (Fayetteville, NC)
You may remember Malik from session 1. (Mr. Defense Award Winner) Well today this man child had no problem performing at a high-level again notching a double double every game he played  with at least 10 points and 10 rebounds. The 5’10   powerhouse demonstrated again his ability to take the rebound and push from coast to coast. This is the third Phenom junior camp where Malik has displayed his ball-handling, rebounding and man-to-man chest to chest defensive skills we love.
No. 37: 5’7 2023 Elijah Calhoun ( Winston-Salem, NC)
One of the best shooters in camp. From the kitchen range, great off the dribble, quick release, and outstanding mechanics, in the 8th grade. He put on a clinic in the shooting competition today. Going 16 of 18.  And he was just as good come game time. The only regret he had was not getting more touches.  Elijah also demonstrated his court vision, complete offensive mindset and ball handling skills, going left and right and making precision passes in transition. He showed he’s a play maker with a high basketball IQ.
No. 43:  5’8 2023 Isaiah Sanders (Lexington, NC)
Isaiah is a point guard with an attitude. Reminiscent of Rajon Rondo. He’s a workhorse with good ball handling skills and good court vision. This young man is fast strong and plays with a high motor and exceptional skill for such a young basketball player.  Compared to 18 point guards he was a standout performer all day long.  What we’d like to see him do more of is play without the ball but when the ball is in his hands, defenders beware.  This kid is funky and somethings about the stank.
No. 17: 5’3 2024.  Lawson Porter ( Shannon, NC)
This young man may have been the best passer in camp and certainly got consideration for Mr. playmaker. He can thread a needle and see 360° around him at all times.  Kaedon has great court vision, can go left and right and possesses an excellent change of pace, change of direction dribble package.  He’s most dangerous in transition where he can get to the lane and use his exceptional floater. He also showed an ability to jump stop and pop from 15 Feet. This combo guard has the full package.
No.7: 5’0 2025. Dionte Neal (Reidsville, NC)
This young dynamo thrilled with his ability to slash through the defense and get to the basket. He was the leading scorer on his team in all three games.  An excellent passer who has the ability to get his shot off in traffic or when spotting up at the three-point line. He averaged 23 pointers today.  He commanded double and triple teams all day long but demonstrated the ability to pass out of the trap and throw full court touchdown passes on the other end. Dionte your true calling may be quarterback.  Either way, you are definitely worth the price of admission.