Record numbers continue to come though the NC Junior Phenom camp, and it seems to be happening just at the right time. After a bit of a lull in talent, the basketball Gods are blessing the state of North Carolina with an immense level at talent coming through the ranks.

With over 130 players coming from 5 surrounding states, the talent in the gym was thick. Of course there were players who have already experience breakouts on the regional and national levels and utilized the Phenom Platform in order to continue to writing their scripts.

Like with all Phenom events, there were also players who utilized the Phenom Platform to help start writing their scripts.

Here were the 5 that stood out to me:

6'6' 8th Grader Jefferson Boaz

Pilot Mountain, North Carolina (Pictured Above)
Boaz was an offensive force throughout the day. He is a unique 3-level scorer able to put in buckets from the low block mid post and the wing with equal ease. Early in the day, Boaz established himself as a low block presence, showing great hands and footwork with touch over both shoulders. Later in the day, he stretched the floor, making 4 3s in his final game, also showing ' dribble pull ups. It was an impressive showing, and one that should firmly start his conversation.

5'9' 8th Grader Dallon Wright

Saluda, South Carolina (Pictured Right)
Speed is the name of the game. Wright took off like he was shot out of a cannon. However, with his game changing speed, he also showed pace in the half court. He carried a scorer's mentality, with touch and range on his shot. Defensively, Wright has quick hands and defended his man with a chip on his shoulder. It will be fun to watch as he progresses, but you cannot teach that speed he has.

5'5' 6th Grader Jacob Newman

Concord, North Carolina
Newman came in with a reputation that proceeded him, and he lived up to it. Newman had a great basketball acumen as a point guard. He created great angles and delivered pin point, catchable, passes to his streaking team mates. Newman is strong and fast, and enjoyed playing as a point guard and setting up his team mates. Only in 6th grade, he will be a fun one to keep an eye on.

6'4' 8th Grader Dayron Sharpe

Greenville, North Carolina
This one is all about upside, and boy did he possess it. Already standing at 6'4', Sharpe has the frame and lineage that could have him reach 6'8'. During the day, he showed the ability to handle the ball in the open floor and deliver crafty passes off the bounce. Moving ahead, Sharpe will need to decide if he wants to be a post or a wing, and then work very hard on that skill set to tighten things. But the natural ability is there for him to develop into a highly sought after prospect.

6'1' 8th Grader Breon Lewis

Columbia, South Carolina
Lewis was the only player to dunk, in a game, during the event (which he did multiple times). However, his game is so much more than that. Lewis plays defense with a purpose, doing well both in the passing lanes and on the ball. He is a downhill wing type, who uses athleticism and aggression to get to the basket. Only in the 8th grade, Lewis plays with a chip on his shoulder, and competitiveness can take you places. Lewis will need to tighten his jump shot mechanics, but he is incredibly productive across the board.

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