NC Junior Phenom Camp
Coach Ed's Thoughts

No. 45 5'6 '23 Matthew Joines (Kernersville Middle School, Kernersville, NC)
Matthew Joines of Kernersville Middle was the best player on the floor for this first game of the day. He was able to score the ball from the three-point line as well as taking the ball to the rim. He would pass up a shot to get his teammates a better shot. He would draw defenders and pass it to a teammate for an easy shot. He has a unique game where he is smooth, yet explosive. He is efficient with is footwork and his body movements, no wasted motion.



No. 9 4'11 '24 Josiah Peeples (Long Leaf Middle School, Columbia, SC)
Josiah is a very good point guard. He is able to run the team and pass to open teammates. He never seemed flustered with defense pressure. He is also a very good defender as he had numerous steals in this game.




No. 73 5'10 ’20 Cameron Oats (Trinity Christian, Fayetteville, NC)
To me, Cameron was the best player I saw all day. In this game he made 6 three pointers. He is lightning quick on offense and defense. He can shoot outside as well as finish at the rim. (I didn't see much of a mid-range game, so that is something he will need to develop or use as he gets to higher level basketball.) In game #2 he had 32 points and numerous assists. He is a player to watch for years to come.




No. 94 6'4 '22 Miles McClure (Macon Middle School, Franklin, NC)
Miles is a true post player. He is going to make a HS coach very happy as a dominate post player is hard to come by nowadays. He has great footwork inside. He can score inside from numerous angles. He is very strong




No. 8 4'11 '24 Jacob Lawton (North Raleigh Christian Academy, Raleigh, NC)
In only 6th grade and at only 4' 11' Jacob was very surprising for his age and size. He is very explosive as he had numerous steals on and off the ball. He demonstrated his adept dribbling skills when he would run the fast break. He is very hard to guard in the open floor. In this game he dominated the first half with his scoring and assists. In the second half his coach took him out of the game for shooting a three on the fast break, but that is the type of confidence Jacob exudes on the court, he believes he can make every shot and pass. He has a Joel Berry type of game where he can get you on his hip and pace dribble into open space to get his shot off or pass to an open teammate. Remember this players name as he will be heard of for years to come.


No. 25 5'3 '23 Marko Pandiloski (Mississauga, Ontario (CAN)
Very strong player. He can score the ball really well. He can get to the basket. He also gets to open spots on the floor as he has a great feel for the game. He scores a 'quite' 20. He does a lot of things well on the court. He gets rebounds, loose balls, 50/50 balls, etc. He makes the game look really easy. He has a very high basketball IQ. A very head player that will make a HS coach very happy.