#15- LJ Smith 2026- Skill wise, he could match up with any of the guards in attendance today. Didn’t look to score much this morning lead team in rebounds and assist from the point guard position. When not running point guard he was setting screens and cutting to basket for easy buckets. Young man is one to watch for years to come.


#44- Casian Richard 2023- Young man had to be in the running for every award today. It started this morning in 1 on 1 drills nobody in the group was able to score on him, beating his man to spot or using his quick hands to cause jump ball or just stealing the ball from them. Everything in drill work carried over for him, got to the basket finished through contact was able to knock down a few jumpers when left open. It wouldn’t surprise me if he lead the event in assist.


#41 Brandon Anderson 2024- In your face scrappy guard who can really defend. Was able to bully some of the smaller guards and get to the basket. He played both on and off the ball while off the ball he showed he could really stretch the floor with a few long jumpers. I would like to see him be more vocal going forward.


#77 Langston Boyd 2024- Left hand kid who this morning went mostly to his right side to get where he needed to be. He exploited mismatches all morning by taking the bigger players off the dribble and even did post work on the smaller guards.


#87 Addison Archer 2023- I know most people hate the word potential but this 6’6 kid has a lot of raw untapped potential. Offensively it’s not there yet but on the defense side of the ball he is a nightmare. The shots he didn’t block he altered along with many deflections that turned into points for his team. At this stage I think he is still finding himself and is stuck between the forward positions. Today his points came from put backs and in transition. I can’t wait to see what he looks like years from now with added weight and more wing skills.