#120 Cameron Oats 5'7' Trinity Christian 2020

Cameron is speedy guard that excels in transition. He just knows where to go with the ball with his high IQ and excellent ball handling skills. He is very hard to guard off the dribble. He brings a lot of flare to the court. His energy is contagious on the court as he challenges everyone to play as hard as he does. At this point of his young career he is very dominate with the ball. As he matures he will how to move without the ball in his hands to make defenders work on defense. Coach McDuffie had this to say about the young point guard: 'Cameron is a lefty point guard that excels in the open court. Has a quick handle and con breakdown his defender and get in the lane. Has the ability to knock down the three and keep the defense honest. He is a pesky defender with quick hands that causes turnover on and off the ball.

#200 Lavar Strange 6'2 Eden NC Community Baptist 2021

Lavar has great size at 6'2 in the middle school to affect the game in so many ways. He handles the ball well and is able to penetrate to the basket when he needs to make plays. One of his best attributes is how much effort he gives when he plays. He has great foot work and quickness for his size. Coach Murphy says 'Levar is a wing whose strength is his best attribute. Puts it on the floor very well and finishes around the basket well with contact. Very physical as he has no problem hitting the glass and doing dirty work. If he can improve his midrange game more things will open for him and his game will grow. 'Looking forward to his growth and development.

#192 Glenn Bynum 6'2 Mint Hill Concord 1st Assembly 2021

Coach Murphy on Glenn Bynum 'Glenn has the ability to do multiple things on the floor. Can defend different positions, passes well, finishes well around the basket, rebounds at a high rate and can operate in the midrange area. He is a double double, stat stuffer type of player. Would like to see him be more intense and assertive. Good teammate and makes the right play the more he plays the more he is going to develop.' Coach Murphy had high praise for this young player. Looking forward to seeing him back at Phenom to see how he is developing.

#40 Dawson Dunn 5'2 Asheboro NC Uwharrie Charter 2022

Dawson had one of the best attitudes of any one at the camp. He just loves encouraging his teammates. He always has a smile on his face and just seems to have passion for the game. He's has great mechanics and can shoot the three ball very well. He is a catch and shoot player that needs to expand his game to be a better player. He plays with great effort and has a high IQ. He understands what his strength are. Coach Murphy had to say this 'Dawson is extremely positive on the floor and on the bench. Knock down shooter from three. He always stays within himself on offense. Needs improvement defensively but showed he is willing to work at it. When given instructions to improve in the game, He applied them immediately and was successful.' Once Dawson works on his ball handling and shooting off the dribble it will make him a major threat with the way his is able to shoot ball from deep.

Trace Forest 5'4 Moorseville, NC Pine Lake Prep 2021

Coach Murphy on Trace Forest: 'Trace is a very coachable kid. Can shoot the three and does not do anything to hurt himself on the floor. Would like to see him be more sure of himself on the floor. Knows the right plays to make and shots to take, but second guesses.' Has the tools to be a great player. Just needs to build a little more confidence in his abilities to make the right plays. The more he plays the better he will get. Great team player that is really good moving without the ball to get open looks at the basket once he is hit with pass.

William Gray 5'8 Kernersville, NC Southeast Middle School

William is one of those plays that if you are defending him and not watching the ball and your man you will lose him. He moves so well without the ball in his hands. He understands how to use a back cut off defenders that turn their head and lose him. This explains how his IQ is for his age. He plays the game with pace and effort. He has a great attitude and likes criticism. He's a coach's dream because he takes everything in that you teach him like a sponge. Coach Murphy had this to say about this player: 'William sowed the ability to get in to the lane off the dribble. Has active hands on defense. Extremely coachable kid and plays with a high motor. 'A middle school coach in Kernersville NC is going to be very excited to coach this kid.

#164 Terrence Harcum Butner NC Butner-Stem MS 2021

Terrance is a great athlete. Had a solid performance all camp. Great attitude and he is very competitive. Player effects the game in so many ways. He plays with a lot of effort and makes a lot of plays on both ends of the floor. When he penetrates he is so good at getting to the basket and finishing with both hands. He is able to rebound inside and outside of his position. He has a unique skill set for his age. Terrence game is more advanced than his peers at this stage. Has the potential to be a high major prospect in a few years because he knows how to play the game the right way. Coach Murphy said 'Terrence is very athletic and uses his length well. He has a high motor and rebounds at a high rate. He has the ability to rebound and start the break and make good decisions for himself or someone else. Attacks the basket extremely well and finishes. Keep working and improving kid sky is the limit.' Very impress stuff said about the player.

#91 Bryce Hicks Charlotte NC Northside Christian 2022

Great attitude and good motor moves without the basketball really well. He has great mechanics shoots the ball with great range. He is a great teammate plays seem to be happy to play with him. He has great vision and he is good at finding the open teammate for good shots. Would like to see him work a little bit on his ball handling and passing skills. On defense he needs to work on his footwork and staying front of his man. Coach Murphy said this: 'Bryce was very coachable. Needs to improve on pace. Makes good moves and takes good shots but must go harder. Does good things on the floor but must refine and polish his ball handling.'

#28 Jackson Hartzell 5'1 Summerfield NC Northwest Middle 2022

This player just needs time. Once giving instructions on the floor he was able to make a lot of good plays. He is a great team player and gives his best effort every time he was called upon to go on the floor. He is a pretty decent shooter from distance. I like how he moves without the ball and seems to always have his hands ready for the pass. Very smart kid just needs time in the gym to develop. Coach Murphy on Jackson Hartzell: 'Jackson is always engaged on the floor. His biggest hurdle is just relaxing. Once he learns to just relax and play he will be fine. Must improve defensively, however, once he got instructions to improve in spots, he applied and did better.

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