#95 Emmanuel Spulveda 5'5 Lillington NC Cape Fear Christian 2021

Emmanuel has good footwork. His good footwork allows him to play good defense on the ball. He also has great moves that allow him to score when he looking to score. I like the energy he gives his team mates. And he sets a good presence with his attitude on the floor. He's a good teammate he was out on the floor communicating make sure all his teammates where in the right places. Coach Farrar on Emmanuel Spulveda: Great attitude very good with dribble penetration Has good court awareness good court vision and is very unselfish.'

#115 Nel-saan Starstine 5'6 Durham NC Shepard MS 2021

Nel-saan great player that see the floor well. He's a team player that gives great effort on every play. This player motor never stops he is relentless on the offensive and defensive boards. He gave his team a lot of extra possessions with his hustle for rebounds and loose balls. Coach Farrar on Nel-saan: 'He's a great team player that has great size and strength for his position. He see the floor really well.'

#159 Asa White 6'4 Fuquay Varina NC East Garner 2022

Asa is already 6'4 which is very good size for a middle school player. Right now he is a defensive force in the paint as he had plenty of blocks in camp. He has great foot work which allows him to move around pretty well for his size. Asa rebounds really well inside an outside of his position. Would like for him to work on his offensive skills to be a more rounded player on both ends of the floor. He gives great effort all the time and has a huge upside. His middle school is going to be very happy this season.

#168 Oliver O'Brien 5'11 Davidson NC Lake Norman Charter 2021

Oliver has great size for a middle school player. What sticks out about him is his ability to finish. He never stands around on offensive and continues to make the defensive work to have to guard him. He's a great team player that sees the floor really well. He hit a lot of shots from 15 feet. At this stage he has a pretty good mid-range game. On defensive he is a better on ball defender than he is off the ball. Would like to see him work on his ball handling which will make him a better at dribble penetration. Which will give him more scoring opportunities. Coach Farrar stated 'Olive is a great team player. He plays hard on both side of the floor.'

#22 Joshua Rogosich 5'0 Raleigh NC North Raleigh Christian 2022

Joshua play this weekend was pretty solid. He has a great attitude and he a joy to coach as he takes well to criticism from his coach. Shoots it well from two-point and three-point range. He doesn't stand around on defense which is very good it shows he has a great understanding of the game for his young age. You can tell by his play that he loves the game of basketball and he going to get better every time he steps on the floor.

#132 Christian Rudisell Charlotte NC Northeast Middle 2021

Christian has a great understanding of the game. He rebounds well at his position. He had so many hustle plays in this camp. He is a great team player that plays the game with lots of effort. He plays really good defense. He defensive play was stellar on and off the ball and he doesn't back down from anyone. Would like to see him working on his ball handling to be a better penetrator. This will help him get some more opportunities to score at the rim. Coach Farrar on stated 'Christian Rudisell is a good basketball player on both ends. He's a great teammate and loves being on the floor. '

#44 Jalen Fields 5'2 New Bern NC HJ MacDonald 2021

Jalen gave great effort all camp. He took really well to criticism. He has a lot of great skills in his young basketball career. He has great mechanics on his jump shot and a good release. With more reps with his shooting and getting stronger he could turn in to a knock down shooter. He very good court vision and is very good passer. Needs to improve on his ball handling at this stage to make him a better offensive threat. He plays really good defense has great footwork. Coach Farrar was really impressed by this player great attitude and his wiliness to be coached.

#74 Silas Demary 5'4 Raleigh NC Rolesville Middle 2022

Silas is really good with the ball in his hands. He has really good court vision see the floor really well. He is able to penetrate and get to the basket creating scoring opportunities for himself and his fellow teammates. You could tell that his teammates really enjoyed playing with him. He shoots the ball well off the dribble and finishes well at the rim. Would like to see him work on his catching and shooting. He moves well without the ball in his hands. He gets better with every game he gets under his belt.

#152 Chase Montgomery 5'10 Charlotte NC Charlotte Latin 2021

Chase just gives you 100% effort when he steps on the floor. Leaves his heart on the floor every time he steps on it. He has a knack for rebounding the basketball. He can rebound inside and outside position. He needs to work on his offense skills to be a more complete player. He is the perfect glue he does will do anything his team needs him to do. He good at getting stops on defense. He out efforts anyone he is guarding. Love watching this kid play and will be looking forward to his development.

#187 Cedric Whitted 6'1 Durham NC 2021

Cedric has great quickness and good footwork. He gave maximum effort every game. He has great ball handing skill which he displayed in camp and he also can use either hand to finish. He's a great teammate he was able to get the ball to open teammates when they need because he has great vision. Cedric needs to work on his shooting to be more of a threat from the outside. On defense he needs to work on his on the ball defense. He has the feet and the quickness to be a really good defender on the ball. He has great size and plays with a lot of effort. He will get better the more he plays.

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