#11: 4'10 '21 Zane Caudle of NE Randolph (Franklinville)

Starting off with a lead guard that constantly put the team first and displayed heady instincts, Zane Caudle. He's still growing but shows great effort and assertiveness on both ends, knows how to establish his presence early. Caudle is a quality defensive guard that consistently heckles opposing ball handlers; finds his teammates regularly for open looks on the other end. Next in his development is to sharpen his scoring skills, either around the basket or through expanding his range. Coach Gray on Caudle: 'Zane has a great attitude and is a team first play. His effort on the defensive end is his strength. Offensively he's still becoming stronger in order to finish around the rim but he passes and sees the floor well.' Caudle should continue to work on his game after gaining experience from camp.

#56: 5'3 '22 Keith Peten of Northwayne MS (Fremont)

Moving onto a guard that displayed the ability to score and distribute the ball in a pinch, Keith Peten. He's currently built (and plays) like an off guard that will continue to add size to his frame and polish on his jumper. Offensively, he's a very capable three-point shooter and could be a catch-and-shoot player with ease. Next for Peten's development process is becoming more aggressive on both ends while refining his offensive game beyond the three-pointer. Coach Gray on Peten: 'Keith is a good player with a mixed skillset. He shoots the three well but needs to develop his midrange game and ability to score around the basket. He's very unselfish but needs to better understand when to be more aggressive.' Peten showed nice promise through his play at camp; will become a notable prospect if he continues to expand his game.

#68: 5'4 '22 Yabdiel Cruz-Calzada of Overhill MS (Spring Lake)

Next, a high motor guard that plays the game with great passion and intensity, Yabdiel Cruz-Calzada. He's a two-way guard that dominated defensively, shutting down opposing players before the thought of heating up could enter their head. Cruz-Calzada's high-energy stands out, he consistently jumps passing lanes that lead to easy fast break opportunities. Next in his development process is to add towards his offensive game, using his energy on offense to move off ball to become a constant cutting threat. Coach Gray on Cruz-Calzada: 'Cruz is a high-energy player with a good basketball IQ. He's very active defensively, which is his strength. While his effort on-ball is great, he can sometimes float to everyone with the ball, sometime that is common with players his age.' After showing his defensive prowess during camp, it's critical that Cruz-Calzada continues to build off it by expanding his game.

#102: 5'6 '22 Brandon Nelson of Community House (Charlotte)

Continuing on with a combo guard who has already established himself as a gifted scorer, Brandon Nelson. He's a really intriguing player that has shown the ability to score on all three levels and play either guard spot with an exceptionally high IQ; can run in transition or play in the half court really well. Nelson plays with a great understanding and knows how to facilitate an offense, as he's able to create a shot for himself and teammates with ease. He has a type of smoothness to his game and just seems to gets buckets effortlessly within the offense. Next in his development is to utilize his intelligence on the defensive end, working on his positioning off-ball and in transition, as this would make him a lethal two-way guard. Coach Gray on Nelson: 'Brandon is a highly skilled player with a great shot and really high IQ. With more physical maturity he will be a nightmare to guard. His opportunities are on the defensive end, both on and off the ball. When he matches his defensive motor with his offensive motor he'll create a serious problem for all opponents.' Nelson is on the brink of becoming a two-way force, a player that scores at will on one end and shuts down opposing guards on the other.

#110: 5'6 '21 Connor Lineberry of Randleman MS (Randleman)

Next, we look at a well-rounded wing whose hard-nosed approach to the game gained him buzz throughout camp, Connor Lineberry. He's a great teammate above all else, constantly generating plays for teammates and always hunting for the best shot available; few guys exemplified a better understanding of team play. Lineberry will become increasingly better as his body matures and he makes the transition to becoming a two-way presence. Next in his development process is truly just adding strength to his frame and becoming disciplined on the defensive end. Coach Gray on Lineberry: 'Connor was a pleasure to coach. He's a high-character player with a hard-nosed approach to the game. He's proficient with most areas of the game. When his body matures he's going to be a special player if he continues to work hard.' Lineberry projects just as Coach Gray stated, the harder he works, the more special he will become.

#146: 5'10 '22 Dylan Wiggins of Cleveland MS (Garner)

Moving onto an athletic forward that consistently made his presence known through smart play and loud vocals, Dylan Wiggins. He's got a nice sized frame with quality length; moves well and stays alert on both sides of the ball. The likelihood that he transforms into a combo forward is really high; expect him to become even tougher as he continues to add perimeter skills. Next in the development process for Wiggins is to work on moving better without the ball on offense and getting back in transition to focus on shutting down fast breaks. Coach Gray on Wiggins: 'Dylan has great size for his class. He moves well on both ends of the floor. His toughness, actually, was very refreshing. He was a vocal player, which is my favorite quality/skill with players. Running the floor and moving without the ball consistently are where his biggest opportunities to improve lie.' As Wiggins refines his game and takes the necessary steps towards becoming elite, we look at his strong performance at camp as just a stepping-stone for his future successes.

#174: 6'0 '21 Jaden Bradley of Max Abbott MS (Fayetteville)

Finishing things up with a two-way player that could get a shot at will for himself and teammates, Jaden Bradley. His length is impressive, especially as he is likely to be a wing player or a forward; has great polish on his perimeter skills, can score from anywhere quite well. While he's not complete yet, his offense game is far ahead of schedule, as he can score on all three levels off the bounce and catch. Bradley's defense is solid, but he could better use his length to cause problems for opponents, especially when they try taking it inside on him. Knows how to pick his spots, plays with a high IQ. Next in his development process is learning to move more without the ball, on both ends, and just working on his overall awareness. Coach Gray on Bradley: 'Jaden has a well-rounded game and is great at attacking the rim. He plays with tremendous effort on both ends, knows his game well and knows how to find his shot quite easily. His opportunities to improve are with game awareness and playing off the ball, both offensively and defensively. Possesses nice upside.' Bradley stood out as one of the better scorers on display over the duration of camp, we are high on his upside as he continues to grow.

#155 Justin Taylor

Justin is a complete player. He is an elite scorer at all three levels, from three, mid-range, and at the rim. He really has solid ball handling is able to get to any spot on the floor when he wants to. His on-ball defense was the best I saw all day along. He is a very crafty, high IQ type of player and it showed all day long. As his body continues to mature physically, he will create more and more problems for opponents on both ends of the floor.

#210 Josiah Dowd

Josiah has elite size and athleticism, as he sits at 6-foot-6. He long, rangy player with great bounce on the floor. He has a surprisingly good jump shot for his size. He handles the ball with confidence on the court as well. He is an elite shot blocker with his length and was very good on the boards all day long. His opportunity is playing experience. Keep an eye on this kid coaches, he has high major potential.

#182 Jackson Pressley

Jackson has great size for his age. He has a complete offensive game and with some work in several areas, he can be an elite player and has the potential to do so. He defends and rebounds well and is not afraid to communicate. He has a lot of passion for the game and wants to play the right way. I look for him to dominate middle play this year/winter.