Game 1, Court 1:

No. 10, 4’11” 2023 Jaden Dodd – Eastern Guilford Middle School (Greensboro, NC)

The hometown lefty guard has great energy and change of pace getting downhill to the rim. He’s under control the majority of the time and does well in finishing with some craftiness. If he works to get a consistent right hand, he’ll be a relentless finisher around the basket. Dodd mainly impresses with his vocal leadership; he embraces the role of a floor general at all times.

No. 12, 5’0” 2025 Mari Larry – Lawrence Academy (Windsor, NC)

What first stands out about the young combo guard is his passion. One can clearly see how much every possession matters to Larry, shown by his constant hustle. He goes after loose balls, gives all effort on defense, and will take on any opponent no matter the size. In addition, the scrappy guard uses his speed well to attack the basket in transition.

No. 36, 5’4” 2023 Jordan Frazier – Summit Parkway Middle School (Columbia, SC)

Frazier has an all-around game as a point-forward. He’s excellent in making pitch-ahead passes in transition, scores effectively at the rim, and rebounds with assertiveness. The Columbia native already has a great frame and high IQ as an eighth-grader. Keep an eye out for him in the future years.


Game 2, Court 1:

No. 50, 5’5” 2023 Zy’lee Bazemore – Bertie Middle School (Windsor, NC)

The shooting guard has a natural feel for putting the ball in the rim. Bazemore can especially score off of the bounce in mid-range areas and at the rim. His soft touch allows him to miss very few opportunities when he attempts a shot. The eighth-grader’s impressive strength and quickness also currently stand out.

No. 71, 5’9” 2023 Kaden Ross – Ridge Road Middle School (Charlotte, NC)

Ross’ confidence is unmatched. Playing as a tall combo guard, he can pretty do whatever he wants with the ball and isn’t afraid to show it. Once he gets in the paint, he finishes very well with floaters and short jumpers. His on-court communication and energy made him a big spark plug for his team in Game 2.

No. 80, 5’11” 2023 Kimman Power – Carolina International School (Charlotte, NC)

The Charlotte resident becomes dangerous once he crosses half-court with his fluid shooting stroke. When he puts the ball on the floor, he has a unique ‘herky jerky’ feel within his handle and can get pass defenders to finish at the rim through contact. I like how smartly he plays the game; he finds open teammates and knows how to maneuver on the court when he doesn’t have the ball.



Young guys are playing hard!