#35 5'3' Shawn Mills – 2021
Mills is an aggressive and confident player, who is able to utilize his quickness for success. He had a great attitude throughout camp and proved to be a very good team mate. Mills' camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Shawn hustled every play and was a great team mate. He caused a lot of turnovers with his aggressive defensive style.' As Mills continues to improve, we are excited to see him continue developing his court awareness.

#52 5'5' Ethan Griffin – 2021
Griffin is a high IQ player, who has great form on his shot and confidence scoring at all 3 levels. He seemed to be very active, always putting himself in great position to find success. Griffin's camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Ethan is a good overall player. He shoots the ball well from deep but can also attack the basket.'

#63 5'7' Jaquavion Latham – 2020
Latham showed a great attitude during camp, to go along with all the tools and skills to be a successful basketball player. He used his quickness and athleticism on both sides of the ball. Latham's camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Jaquavion is a quick and athletic guard with high upside. He is also a very good decision maker in transition.'

#78 5'8' Stefan Killeya-Jones – 2020
Killeya-Jones has good length and comes from great bloodlines. He has a very nice catch & shoot stroke with range and confidence. Killeya-Jones' camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Stefan is a long wing who loves to shoot the 3-ball. He moves well off the ball and can really help a team when his shot is falling.'

#90 5'10' Bryce Griffin – 2020
Griffin came into came with a great attitude and mentality throughout the day. He is a very skilled player with good handle and deep range on his jump shot. Griffin's camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Bryce is always in the right position. He rebounds the ball well and pushes the break in transition. Bryce can also shoot the 3-ball well and very efficiently.'

#91 5'10' Zachary Hendrick – 2020
Hendrick showed a great attitude and proved to be a great leader throughout the day. He was able to score the ball efficiently at multiple levels. Hendrick's camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Zachary loves to shoot the 3-ball, and does so very well. He hustles on defense and is able to guard multiple positions. He has a good basketball IQ, and showed great leadership qualities.'

#103 5'11' Griffin Albright – 2020
Albright is a lengthy wing who gave great effort with a great attitude during camp. He is a very good shooter, with great body control, always seeming to catch the ball squared up. Albright's camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Griffin shoots the ball tremendously well. He rebounds well under the basket and is able to finish through contact.'

#114 6' Ian Lewis – 2020
Lewis is a big kid, who has long arms and gave good effort throughout camp. He was a very skilled scorer, as he was able to take kids his size on the perimeter and kids smaller than him in the post. Lewis' camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Ian rebounds and crashes the boards with a relentless attitude. His athleticism makes him an easy player for mismatches.'

#127 6'3' Dayron Sharpe – 2020
While being one of the bigger kids in camp, Sharpe was also one of the most dominate on the wing. He was able to rebound well, push the break, and finish at multiple levels in the half court. Sharpe's camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Dayron is very skilled for his size, very aggressive in attacking the basket from the wing. He is a tenacious rebounder and is able to finishes from all areas of the paint.'

#128 6'3' Jordan Williams – 2020
Williams is big, very lengthy, and one of the most athletic kids in the entire camp. He was a very good rebounder both in and out of his area and also showed the beginnings of a go-to move in the paint. Williams camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Jordan is very athletic and plays hard on both ends of the court and stays on the boards. He also showed great touch from the mid-range extending out beyond the 3-point line.'

#200 6'1' Dajah George – 2020
George is a big kid who had a good motor and filled his role well on the team. He crashed the boards hard extending possessions and creating opportunities. George's camp coach Richard Daniels Jr stated, 'Dajah is big and has the ability to dominate in the post. When he gave consistent effort he was tough to stop.'

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