NC Junior Phenom

Team 9 Evaluations

Coach:  Mason Waters

No. 21 5’0 ’22 Zane Caudle (Franklinville, NC)

What Zane lacked in physical size, he more than made up with hustle, desire and determination. He demonstrated one of the best work ethics and attitudes at camp. Coach Waters stated, “Despite being the smallest physically, Zane played with the biggest heart. He rarely took the ball up the court and only received a few passes, but still found a way to get the ball. Two or three times, he boxed out players a foot taller and still got a rebound. His court sense also stood out.” In addition, it’s totally refreshing to see a young player such as Zane display so much pride in his effort and giving his all!

No. 58 5’3 ’23 Walker Woodall (Durham, NC)

Walker demonstrated an excellent attitude and displayed a solid basketball IQ. He played well within the team structure and showed good range on his shot. Coach Waters stated, “Walker enjoyed hanging out at the 3-point line being a very reliable catch and shoot guy on the perimeter. He was very efficient and reliable once his feet were set.” In addition, Walker has good shooting mechanics and has proper form and rotation on the ball. The next step in his development is to become more diverse and being able to shoot or create his own shot/move off the dribble.

No. 65 5’4 ’22 Joshua Rogosich (Wake Forest, NC)

Joshua has a good understanding of the game and has an advanced basketball IQ for his age/grade. He plays good team basketball and is very unselfish. Coach Waters stated, “Joshua likes to play fast. His ball handling skills are solid and has good court vision. In one game, Joshua made a very nice behind the back pass only to follow it up with a made transition 3-pointer off the fast break. Overall, showcasing a nice arsenal of offensive moves.” In addition, Joshua embraces the total team concept and knows how to play with or without the ball in his hands.

No. 88 5’6 ’22 Kolbe Ashe (Hayesville, NC)

Kolbe gave strong effort and showcased a willing and workmanlike approach to the game. Coach Waters stated, “Kolbe made some really nice offensive moves especially his hesitation move that allowed him to dribble penetrate to the basket. His ability to penetrate off the dribble was one of his strongest attributes.” The next step in his development is to improve shooting mechanics, which in return will help his overall offensive efficiency.

No. 123 5’8 ’22 Zaharee Maddox (Harmony, NC)

Zaharee was one of the better overall players in attendance and made a huge impression as a passer friendly point guard. He simply made his teammates better, which is the best sign of a talent PG. Coach Waters stated, “Zaharee has fantastic vision and timing of passes. He’s just an amazing passer. He is also an excellent ball handler who has a variety of dribble moves. Zaharee was able to dribble penetrate at ease. More than anything, Zaharee was one of the most coachable players in attendance.” In addition, Zaharee averaged 9. 7 PPG and earned two game MVP votes and was selected to the ALL CAMP TEAM.

No. 130 5’8  ’22 CeDavion Wimbley (Fayetteville, NC)

CeDavion really impressed up with his unique blend of athleticism and an advanced skill set. Coach Waters stated, “CeDaviion has a high basketball IQ. He is a very sold athlete with fairly average size. While he doesn’t really create scoring opportunities for himself, but has a knack of playing off others on his team.” In addition, CeDavion is a low risk high return player. He doesn’t make many mistakes and does all the little things that help a team win. In addition, he is really good at picking his spots on offense and rarely forcing things or trying to do too much, always playing within the framework of the team.

No. 147 5’10 ’22 Jalen Gibson (Simpsonville, SC)

Jalen is blessed with good athleticism and a solid overall understanding of the game. He as a solid skill set but plays very efficiently on both ends of the court. Coach Waters stated, “Jalen doesn’t try to do thing he cannot do. While he didn’t take a lot of 3-pointers, he was quite efficient going 3-4. “ In addition, Jalen is very careful with the ball and rarely makes mistakes or turnovers. While Jalen shoots at a high percentage, he could work on getting a quicker release whether off the catch or the dribble.

No. 160 5’11 ’22 Jack Turner (Charlotte, NC)

Jack is blessed with excellent size and a matching skill set. He has a terrific attitude and work ethic and is always going all out on both ends of he court. Coach Waters stated, “Jack made a great around the back pass in the first game. Overall, Jack rebounds really well for his size.” Jack had some enjoyable passes that were well timed and on target. His behind the back pas was simply phenomenal.” In addition, Jack is most comfortable with the ball in his hands where he can utilize this amazing court vision and passing ability. Overall, Jack was a model of offensive consistency as he average 13 PPG and received one game MVP honor.

No. 179 6’2 ’22 Freddie Dillone (Fayetteville, NC)

Freddie has tremendous length, athleticism and an advanced skill set. While Freddie averaged 15.7 PPG and was selected to the ALL CAMP TEAM, Freddie is a team-oriented player and is very unselfish. Coach Waters stated, “Freddie has such a smooth and fluid game. He plays with maturity and poise. He’s a very good ball handler and protects the ball extremely well on the dribble. As a matter of fact, Freddie is one of the more efficient ball handlers in his class.” Overall, Freddie is a very talented and effective two-way player.

No. 188 6’2 ’22 Tristan LeXander (Davidson, NC)

Tristan has tremendous potential and upside, plain in simple. He has good length, athleticism and a matching skill set. That being said, he is simply coming into this own on the basketball court. We were impressed with his overall skill set and ability to absorb the game and become one of the more knowledgeable players in his class. Tristan is also an effective two-way player that will compete until the final horn goes off. Overall, the sky is the limit for Tristan and it’s amazing how quickly his stock has exploded in the recent months.