NC Jr. Phenom 150

Team 15 Evaluations

Coach: Jason Brown

#33:'5'1 '22 Drew Auman (Asheboro, NC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that made a huge impression from beyond the three-point line, Drew Auman. He's a guard with the ability to thrive without the ball, as the 'gravity' he draws from defenders opens up a plethora of driving lanes for his teammates. Auman is unselfish, always looking for teammates, and looking to make the right play. He shot the ball really well from midrange and three-point distance, which made him a valuable component for his team's success. Next in his development process is working on his ability to penetrate and get to the rim, as it would make him a more complete player. Coach Brown on Auman: 'Drew is a great shooter, and he showed that in each game. He is a team player and consistent with his shooting; I would want to see Drew get better with his court vision in the half-court set and work on passing when facing double teams. Drew was a joy to coach.' Auman will be one to keep an eye on if he continues shooting the ball this well while expanding his game.

#49:'5'2 '22 Joshua Scales (Winston-Salem, NC)

Next, we look at a player that was able to showcase his extremely well rounded game on both ends of the floor, Joshua Scales. He's a lead guard with the capability to run a team given his vocal leadership and team-first approach. Offensively, Scales understands how to involve others on every possession while keeping opponents honest with his three-level scoring ability and high IQ. On the other end, he proved to be a pretty solid defender that showed the ability to force turnovers from time to time. Next in his development process is working on his penetration to the rim, as it would open up his offensive game tremendously. Coach Brown on Scales: 'Joshua is an up-and-coming point guard for his age and grade. Joshua gets his team involved and has a great attitude about basketball and life itself. He has a nice basketball IQ and court vision; it would be great for him to become more aggressive on and off the ball, but that comes with consistency over time. He is a joy to work with and is very teachable!' Scales has all the tools to become a college-level guard with continued work.

#74:'5'5 '23 Jevon Brown (Florence, SC)

Moving onto a prospect that played at a very high level on both sides of the ball throughout camp, Jevon Brown. He's a guard that understands the game quite well, displaying a high IQ every possession and using it to constantly pursue the ball. Brown sets the table for his teammates on offense; he created well for others and displayed his ability to score efficiently on all three levels. Defensively, he shut down his opponent more times than not and forced multiple turnovers. Next in his development process is working on his ability to catch-and-shoot, as it would allow him to play off-ball and still hurt opposing defenses. Coach Brown on [Jevon] Brown: 'Jevon is a highly skilled guard who is also learning how to run the point guard position. Jevon has a good IQ for the game and enjoys playing; he plays great defense and is an excellent shooter. Jevon needs to work on penetrating to the middle and be more consistent with finishing. Overall, a great player and a joy to teach.' Brown's two-way game put him a step above the rest and he elevated the level of his team's play throughout camp.

#98:'5'6 '24 Jayden Pretty (West Columbia, SC)

Continuing onto a player that is already beyond peers his age in terms of IQ and skill level, Jayden Pretty. He's a guard that is just beginning his sixth grade but his basketball ability would imply otherwise. Offensively, Pretty knocked down shots on all three levels and showed willingness to play with a team-first approach; he created well for others and kept his head up in transition. On the other end, he did a nice job of playing positional defense and forcing opponents into the corners. Next in his development process is continuing to polish all facets of his game, as he could become a very good all-around player. Coach Brown on Pretty: 'Jayden is a sixth grader and was my youngest player. He was a very happy and joyful player to coach/teach. For his age, he was a great asset to the team. Jayden can shoot, finish, and isn't afraid of the contact. Going forward, he needs to work on finishing at the rim.' Pretty is certainly armed with all the tools necessary to become a very poised floor general at the high school level.

#105:'5'7 '22 Jordan Crawford (Charlotte, NC)

Next, we look at a player that was able to affect both sides of the ball with his high level of energy, Jordan Crawford. He's a guard that can play with or without the ball, as he possesses the ball handling to run the team and the shooting necessary to demand attention off-ball. Crawford shot the ball fairly well and had some sauce in his handle; he was always looking up for others and did a quality job of distributing the ball. He displayed a nice IQ and should only continue to improve given his nicely rounded game. Next in his development process is working on all parts of his game, as he has a ton of tools to work with and could continue to build on the foundation he's already laid. Coach Brown on Crawford: 'Jayden was an excellent player to coach on this team. He has quality IQ and court vision; he's a very good team player and a joy to coach. Jayden just needs to work on seeing the whole floor when running the point. I enjoyed coaching him and he has loads of potential.' Crawford was able to effectively control play on both sides of the floor and should continue to build off his strong camp performance.

#114:'5'7 '22 Chance McMillan (Fayetteville, NC)

Moving onto a player that showcased quality athleticism on both sides of the ball throughout camp, Chance McMillan. He's a guard with a decent two-way game, as he can defend quite well while still making his presence felt on the offensive end. McMillan has a ton of untapped potential and shows flashes of brilliance when engaged. Next in his development process is working on his ability to rebound the ball, as he could become a valuable asset on the glass. Coach Brown on McMillan: 'At first I had to speak with Chance about his attitude on and off the court. By the second game, he did a complete 180, playing well and scored a nice amount of points. I believe with consistency and a positive attitude, Chance can be a good ball player and can be an asset to anyone's team.' McMillan has a mature body and should be able to build on his game going forward.

#127:'5'8 '22 Mackenzie Taylor (Florence, SC)

Continuing onto a player that already has a vast array of intangibles and skills that'll prepare him for the next level, Mackenzie Taylor. He's a wing that knows how to involve himself in the action on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Taylor shoots the ball quite well from all three levels and doesn't force any looks on that end of the floor. On the other end, he uses his high IQ to attack opponents with intelligence and positioning. Next in his development process is working on his penetration and finishing ability, as it would take his offensive game to new heights. Coach Brown on Taylor: 'Mackenzie has improved dramatically on his all-around game. He took over when needed in games two and three during camp. He is a shooter, but has expanded his game and was in attack mode while playing great defense. Mackenzie is learning how to be more of a leader, but enjoys the opportunity to lead when given the chance; he was a joy to coach.' Taylor will be an impressive prospect if he continues to improve at the rate he's already shown.

#148:'5'10 '23 Athan Gill (Salisbury, NC)

Next, we look at a player that faced adversity and showed a great amount of determination during camp, Athan Gill. He's a forward that is at his best when operating around the basket, where he finished a nice amount of his opportunities. Gill provided the team with a positive attitude and worked hard on the defensive end of the floor. Next in his development process is working to become a better shooter from all three levels, as it would raise the level of his overall game tremendously. Coach Brown on Gill: 'Athan improved each game; he moved from one position to another and showed the tenacity, will, and ferocity to adjust. With continued conditioning, I believe that Athan can be a great basketball player. Consistency is the key. He was a joy to have on my team and I would love the opportunity to work with him again.' Going forward, Gill should look to build off his strong camp performance while working on all facets of his game.

#165:'6'0 '22 Avion McBride (Florence, SC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that was able to dominate the interior on both ends of the floor, Avion McBride. He's a center with the IQ and ability to play inside-out, but really thrives on the inside, where he demands a double team. McBride is strong scorer inside the arc and also has the capability to step out and knock down open threes. He's unselfish and is always looking to move the ball; he rebounds quite well and immediately moves the ball down the floor. Defensively, McBride does a nice job monitoring the paint and altering shots when opponents drive into the lane. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his three-point shot, as the addition would make him virtually unstoppable on the offensive end. Coach Brown on McBride: 'Avion is a center who is growing into his potential. Avion has improved a lot on his footwork and being more aggressive with the ball; his finish at the rim is a whole lot better as well. Even though his aggressiveness has picked up, it would be great to see more of this from him. Avion is a joy to teach and always has a great attitude.' McBride has considerable potential and could be one of the biggest stock-risers from this camp.

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