Team 1

#1 5'6' 2021 Donovan Vinson of Neuse Christian Academy (Raleigh, NC)
Despite being the smallest player in camp, Vinson showed a great attitude and played very well within a team concept. He has a good basketball IQ to go with nice shooting mechanics and a quick release on his jump shot. Vinson's camp coach stated, 'Donovan has a great feel for the game and played really well once he got comfortable in the setting. He was a standout for me during the drills portion.'

#28 5'11' 2021 Camden Kepley of Lake Norman High School (Mooresville, NC)
Kepley came into camp displaying a high basketball IQ to go along with great effort and understanding of team play. He has good range on his jump shot with touch and confidence and he showed the ability to get into the paint. Kepley's camp coach stated, 'Camden has a great feel for the game, he shoots it well and gets the team involved.'

#29 5'11' 2019 David Mosley of Neuse Christian Academy (Raleigh, NC)
Mosley came into camp with a great attitude and displayed a high basketball IQ and really took to the coaching in camp. He showed an ability to run a team as well as being a vocal leader for his teammates. Mosley's camp coach stated, 'David did a good job running the team when he was on the ball. He had some range and was vocal with his team.'

#56 6'1 Unsigned Senior Byron Sanders of Ashbrook High School (Gastonia, NC)
Sanders came into the camp with something to prove and he played that way throughout. He has a complete offensive game, with good pace and the ability to get the rim or shoot the three ball. He defended well and was a solid rebounder for a guard. Sanders camp coach stated, 'Byron played hard on both ends of the floor. He has good elevation on his jump shot and got into the lane often.' This one is a next level player and scholarship schools should take a look.

#57 6'1' 2020 Darius Best of Phillip O Berry Academy (Charlotte, NC)
Best came into camp and showed great basketball IQ and gave great effort from the starting tip to the finishing buzzer. He showcased good range on his jump shot and had confidence getting into the lane with the ability to finish. Best's camp coach stated, 'Darius is a very good slasher to the basket. He plays the passing lanes well on defense and showed nice step-back moves.'

#86 6'2' 2021 Terrence Harcum of Granville Central High School (Butner, NC)
Harcum came into camp and displayed all the attributes you want to see in a player and a leader. Even as a freshman this season, Harcum was one of the leading scorers in North Carolina averaging over 22 per game. He has a great feel scoring the ball with 3-level ability and touch. He is confident with the ball in his hands and has great length, coming up with numerous 50-50 balls. So much to like about this freshman.

#87 6'2' 2019 Trevon Bell of Freedom Christian Academy (Fayetteville, NC)
Bell displayed all the great qualities you want to see during camp, with great attitude, a high basketball IQ and great effort throughout. He was a good offensive player with range and the ability to finish at the rim. Bell's camp coach stated, 'Trevon has great size, he defended well and scored the ball in all types of sets we ran.'

#111 6'4' 2021 Gary Williams of Apex High School (Apex, NC)
Williams displayed a great attitude throughout camp displaying team play and an acceptance of coaching. He has good size and displayed good quickness. Offensively he has a good arsenal with range on his shot and the ability to score both off the bounce or the catch. Williams' camp coach stated, 'Gary has good size and a great attitude.'

#117 6'4' Unsigned Senior Tyren Clark of North Mecklenburg High School (Huntersville, NC)
Clark passes the look test just as he steps on the floor with good length and a very strong and explosive frame. He was very athletic and aggressive on both ends of the floor and he finished very well around the basket. He has all the ability to be a lock down defender at the next level and he enjoyed doing all the tough guy stuff on the floor. Clark's camp coach stated, 'Tyren is a very aggressive basketball player. He was in attack mode all day and has a great feel for the basket.' Scholarship level coaches need to look here.

Team #2

#2 5'6 2020 Josh Miller of Langtree Charter Academy (Mooresville, NC)
Miller is cat quick and makes floor general plays on both ends of the floor. He made excellent decisions during the game and helps his teammates with his great energy. Miller's leadership and athleticism will make him an asset to any team he is on. Miller's camp coach stated, 'Josh leads his team with gusto. He is a joy to coach as a high character leader. A true extension of the coach on the floor. Tremendous upside.'

#27 5'11' 2019 Brayden Dixon of Butler High School (Charlotte, NC)
Dixon is super athletic and a very talented left handed player. He has a tough 3-pointer and dribble drive game with a strong physical presence, able to use his body to dribble, penetrate and pass. Dixon's camp coach stated, 'Brayden has a great 'team leader' attitude which is contagious for his team (in a positive manner). He has a winner's mentality with a perimeter game combined with a strong post, dribble drive game.'

#30 5'11' 2020 Khaleef Jimmison of Hampton Roads Academy (Newport News, Va)
Jimmison is a super combo guard with exceptional shooting skills. He has complete basketball handles and can drive and finish at the basket with either hand. Jimmison plays with a great motor and can quickly change speeds with the ball. He has awesome defensive skills both on and off the ball. Jimmison's camp coach stated, 'Khaleef has great court vision and passes the ball with either hand. He has unlimited range with the jumper and a nice mid-range game. Has unlimited potential with a college game already.'

#55 6' 2019 Benjamin Maske of Green Hope High School (Cary, NC)
Maske is a coach on the floor who knows only on gear ' full speed. He loves to get his teammates involved and gets pleasure by making his team better. Maske assists to turnover ratio at camp was outstanding. Maske's camp coach stated, 'Benjamin has a good jump shot, with long and mid range. He is totally unselfish on both ends of the floor which makes him a great team player.'

#58 6'1' 2019 Devin Bassett of Enka High School (Candler, NC)
Bassett is a complete guard with some outstanding offensive and defensive skills. He understands the game because of his high basketball IQ and his hustle is only surpassed by his knowledge of the game. Bassett leads by example and made a living getting the key steal or making the key assist or nailing the big jump shot. Bassett's camp coach stated, 'When Devin has the ball in his hands a coach is able to rest assure he will make the right decision. He has exceptional skills with either hand and superior court vision.'

#85 6'2' 2020 Sylvester White II of Trinity Academy (Raleigh, NC)
White is a quiet player who leads by example on both ends of the floor. He seems to always be in the best position to make a play on the ball, both defensively and offensively. He runs the court very well, which is a key for any player to make major contributions to his team. White's camp coach stated, 'Sylvester's attitude is one that is open to coaching and he learns quickly from his mistakes. He will continue to get better because he is smart and a student of the game.'

#88 6'2' 2021 Walter Ghaffar of Fayetteville Academy (Fayetteville, NC)
Ghaffar is an exceptional young man with translates onto the basketball court. He is able to execute on the fly and is a total team player. Ghaffar has a very good mid-range game and is able to knock down the corner 3-pointer with regularity. Ghaffar's camp coach stated, 'Walter has good ball handling skills, is good with either hand and is a willing passer. He is an all around good defender and certainly has a future as a major contributor.'

#115 6'4' 2020 Kobe Christian of Highland School of Technology (Denver, NC)
Christian is a strong talent in the post and demonstrates nice footwork from the post to the perimeter. He will continue to improve as he continues to play and grow in the game. Christian has exceptional passing skills from the high post and the block. He knows how to position himself in good offensive and defensive position. Christian's camp coach stated, 'Koby moves exceptionally well without the ball. He puts himself in great position on both ends of the floor and on the boards.'

#118 6'5' 2019 Dillon Harrison of Comenius School (Charlotte, NC)
Harrison is a supremely talented athlete who carries a high basketball IQ. He has a complete game that he can play positions 1-5 at the high school level. He has a great perimeter shooting game from distance, deep 3-pointers and in the mid-range. Ball handling skills are nice and has great passing skills. Harrison's camp coach stated, 'Dillon is a coach in the floor and leads his team by example. He has exceptional court vision with a complete understanding of what each position is supposed to do on the court.'