It was the first day for the media to attend come to Charlottesville and watch some of the top players in the country play at the NBA Top 100.  It is going to be a long week of intense competition but there are already a few players, a few that Phenom Hoops is quite aware of already, that looks to be on a mission.

2021 G Cam Hayes

  • It was early in the day for the NC point guard but we really liked what we saw from him early. Hayes ran the offense well in the halfcourt set but also displayed that he is much more offensively.  Whether it was finding his teammates or creating for himself offensively, he looked good at doing so.  Early on, really enjoyed his one-on-one ability to break down defenders and pull up with a smooth, confident stroke.

2020 6’11 F Mady Sissoko

  • It was early but this big forward really shined in Game 1 of the NBA Top 100. He runs the floor incredibly well on both ends, always active and brings energy to the floor.  Rebounds the ball at a high level as well.  With his skillset of power, strength, and mobility, Sissoko is definitely going to be a name to watch this week in Virginia.

2020 6’7 G Brandon Boston Jr.

  • All throughout the early days, you just hear the comparisons to Brandon Ingram. Physically, he matches but also his game has quite a few similarities as well.  The shooting guard may have one of the longest wingspans in the camp and he uses that to his advantage.  He looks to be more aggressive getting to the rim and looking to finish as well.  What you have to like is his ability to play so many positions, run the offense, or create for himself.

2020 6’8 Corey Walker

  • Was extremely active on the offensive end to start the day. He attacked his defenders and looked to finish strong all around the rim.  Loved his hands always being up and ready, as well as putting some early players on posters to start the day.

2020 6’1 PG R.J. Davis

  • If you want a quick guard, this is your guy. He brings instant speed but plays under control as well, which is something a lot of guards don’t have.  He can create on his own or find his teammates in the right spot while pushing the tempo of an offense.  He played with a high IQ on the floor.

2020 6’7 F Earl Timberlake Jr.

  • Timberlake immediately stands out physically when he steps on the court. Strong forward that uses it to his advantage.  Physically imposes himself on defenders and can showcase a smooth, confident outside game or put it on the floor and get to the rim.