1. 6'5' 2020 Jaden Springer (Charlotte, NC)
  2. 6'1' 2019 Keyshaun Langley (High Point, NC)
  3. 6'1' 2019 Rylan Jones (Salt Lake City, UT)
  4. 6' 2019 Joe Toussiant (Bronx, NY)
  5. 5'8' 2019 Sahvir Wheeler (Houston, TX)

Overall it was a down year for point guards in the camp, but that did not mean that some stood out above the rest. Springer was the top prospect in the entire camp. Langley led the camp in both steals and assists to turnovers, two incredibly valuable tools in winning games. Jones had a smooth and effortless feel. Toussiant was a typical, touch NYC lead guard who had handle and guile. Wheeler was a jitter bug type who seemed to always make plays.