1. 6'9' 2020 Greg Brown (Pflugerville, TX)
  2. 6'8' 2019 Donta Scott (Folsom, PA)
  3. 6'9' 2019 Precious Achiuwa (Bronx, NY)
  4. 6'10' 2019 Isaiah Mobley (Murrieta, CA)
  5. 6'8' 2020 Isaiah Jackson (Waterford Township, MI)

This was a mixture of combo forward who showed the ability to create some and defend some. Brown is a highlight reel waiting to happen, but he also had the most defensive upside of the bunch. Scott is a blue collar productive player. Strong and active he produced winning plays on both ends. Achiuwa may have had some of the most upside in the entire camp it will be interesting to watch his development over the next couple years. Mobley was best when facing up and his length/touch was tough for those his size to defend. Jackson was a high motor player who had incredible defensive upside. Will be interesting to see how he develops offensively.