6'5' 2020 Jaden Springer
Rocky River HS (NC)

Springer was the best player of Day 1 of the camp in our eyes. He made everything look effortless as he was explosive but had great pace. He got to every spot he wanted and played incredibly efficiently, not letting smaller guys affect his handle or longer guys prevent him from attacking. Only 15 years old, Springer should be considered among the Top 5-10 in his class, conservatively.

6'5' 2019 Scottie Lewis
Ranney School (NJ)

Lewis is a supreme athlete, and a high-level prospect everyone knows about. What really stood out his is his motor and abilities on the defensive end of the floor. He is an incredible weak side shot blocker and a terror on the ball defender. Lewis has true lock down, game changing defensive ability at the next level, and moving forward. He also is a high flier who excelled in transition. It was refreshing to see him come in and really focus on the defensive end.

6'2' 2020 Gerald Doaks
Jacksonville HS (AK)

Doaks plays fast, all the time. He has a blazing quick first step getting downhill and is able to shoot, handle and finish. On day 1 of the camp, he was engaged on defense, providing a point of attack presence with his quick twitch and length. Listed as a shooting guard, Doaks looked comfortable as a scoring lead guard. He made some youthful, aggressive mistakes, but you take those because of all the good that he brings to the table.

6'8' 2020 Isaiah Jackson
Old Redford Academy (MI)

It is tough sometimes for bigs to find their niche in these type of events, but not Jackson. He fits in today's modern basketball incredibly well with his ability to defend multiple positions. He is a high level weak side shot blocker and does well moving his feet in space and using his length in the passing lanes. A lot of upside here, great activity and motor.

7' 2020 Walker Kessler
Woodward Academy (GA)

Kessler is about as efficient as they come, not only that he carries a flat flame thrower. Sure we would like to see him rebound more and protect the rim more effectively, but offensively he was an absolute mismatch. Without the stats provided for the second game sets, we didn't see Kessler miss a 3-point shot, going 2-2 in the first game and 4-4 in the second. He has touch and he showed a nice jump hook over his left shoulder and is great in pick/pop situations. As he gets stronger watch out.