Phenom Hoop Report was on deck this past week for the NBPA Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, bringing some of the premier talents from around the country all under one building.

Always a great event, it not only provides an opportunity to watch some of the top talent at the high school level all at once but also provides a platform for others to show they belong.

All throughout the week, we will break down some of our top players at each position, starting with the point guards.

2021 5’11 Zion Harmon

Harmon has been known to be a scorer but he showcased that even more in Charlottesville.  He was the second leading scorer for his team (Lakers), shooting nearly 42 percent from the floor and creating for himself.  He looked poised on the floor and creative with the ball in his hands.  He may have been the most confident scoring PG at the camp.

2021 6’1 Cam Hayes

Hayes was a name that Phenom Hoops wanted to watch, to see his level of competitiveness with some of the best on the floor.  Hayes didn’t disappoint and caught the eyes of many.  He displayed a high level of maturity at the point guard position, being able to initiate the offense, run it smoothly in the halfcourt setting, but also finding a way to score the basketball on his own.  His pull-up jumper was deadly throughout as well, picking his moments and spots to get to the lane and rise up over defenders.

2020 6’1 RJ Davis

Davis’ ability to push the pace in a controlled manner was impressive.  His quickness immediately stood out from the beginning but you have to appreciate how he makes the right decision playing at a fast pace.  Davis was a dynamic playmaker as well, finding ways to get to the rim and score effectively.  He has a great feel for the game.

2020 6’1 Shakeel Moore

There may have not been a player with more to gain playing in an event like this than Moore, and he took advantage of it in a big way.  Moore played with a physical feel to him all throughout the camp, finishing at the rim with contact and seemingly never backing down.  He also highlighted his ability to be a lockdown defender at the next level.  Time and time again, we heard his name from scouts and how they were impressed with his play.

2020 5’11 Jalen Terry

It is hard to believe that this young man is only 5’11 but man, is he an athletic point guard that Spartan fans will love in the coming years.  As our own Jamie Shaw said, “Jalen is tough, explosive, and shoots the cover off the ball.” Highly impressed with his showing in Charlottesville.