Each year, the NBA Top 100 Camp is re-established as one of (if not the) premier camps across the entire country. They accomplish this task by bringing in a consistently strong level of talent from all regions. This event marks the first opportunity for NBA scouts to analyze and evaluate these young up-and-comers. The camp setting makes for a tougher evaluation process, but that shouldn’t be as much of an issue given the overwhelming amount of talent in the building. We’ve seen many of these prospects and this article (part one of three) will take a closer look at what we can expect from them…


6’10 ’21 Moussa Diabaté (DME Academy/Nightrydas Elite)

Perhaps no player on our “alum” list is more intriguing than Diabaté, who is somewhat of a unicorn at this stage in his development. He checks all the boxes, from IQ and size to skill and athleticism, and has no real weaknesses. Diabaté shows flashes of pure dominance on offense; he’s incredibly poised on the block with three-level scoring ability and quality passing instincts. That being said, he’s arguably even more impressive on defense, where he’s able to protect the rim with ease or step out to defend the perimeter.


6’9 ’20 PJ Hall (Dorman/Upward Stars)

While most guys on this list are extremely well known, Hall doesn’t necessarily fit that bill. He’s solidified himself as South Carolina’s top prospect within the last two years due to his modernized skillset and two-way approach. Hall is quite smart and skilled for his size, but also possesses great athleticism, competitiveness, and intensity. He’s been a major part of Dorman, a program that just won three consecutive 5A state championships. Hall is already an appealing prospect, but this event will give him the opportunity to prove himself on an even bigger stage.


6’3 ’21 Cam Hayes (Greensboro Day/Team CP3)

The Greensboro Day floor general is easily among the most popular prospects in North Carolina. Hayes has a quality blend of scoring and playmaking with the ability to create for himself or others reliably off the bounce. He possesses natural instincts with the ball in his hands and is capable of playing above the rim at a solid rate. Hayes is considered one of the top guards in the state and country, which should make his showing at Top 100 Camp worth the anticipation.


6’4 ’20 Emory Lanier (Webb/B. Maze Elite)

While a lot of the B. Maze Elite buzz is directed towards Jaden Springer, Lanier is also worth getting excited about. He built his foundation as a knockdown shooter and has done an incredible job of expanding his skillset ever since. Lanier knows how to maximize his role with any group of teammates, able to spot-up or make plays with the ball in his hands. He possesses great size and feel for his position, and understands how to utilize his body on both ends of the floor. Lanier has toughness and athleticism, but should still make a strong impression with his smooth perimeter shooting.


6’3 ’20 Tristan Maxwell (North Mecklenburg/Team Charlotte)

Right now, it would be difficult to label anyone other than Maxwell as North Carolina’s top bucket-getter. He’s smart, aggressive, and one of the most bloodthirsty competitors to come through our doors. Maxwell is never fazed, rushed, or worried about any opponent. He simply shows up and annihilates whoever is in his path. Maxwell is athletic and an elite scorer from all three levels. He also sits down and defends the point of attack extremely well. Maxwell is still somewhat underrated in the national eye, but that could change after the Top 100 Camp.