Each year, the NBA Top 100 Camp is re-established as one of (if not the) premier camps across the entire country. They accomplish this task by bringing in a consistently strong level of talent from all regions. This event marks the first opportunity for NBA scouts to analyze and evaluate these young up-and-comers. The camp setting makes for a tougher evaluation process, but that shouldn’t be as much of an issue given the overwhelming amount of talent in the building. We’ve seen many of these prospects and this article (part two of three) will take a closer look at what we can expect from them…

6’0 ’20 Shakeel Moore (Piedmont Classical/Team CP3)

In terms of sheer excitement, few players at Top 100 Camp will be able to match the abilities of Moore. He’s a strong-bodied point guard that absolutely lives above the rim. However, Moore has become an incredibly efficient three-level scorer over the years and now has the complete skillset necessary to thrive at either backcourt position. He’s terrific with the ball in his hands and has continually improved as a playmaker/decision-maker. Moore seems to outperform his assignment more times than not, so hopefully, he can maintain that level of play next week.


6’5 ’22 MJ Rice (Durham Academy/Team Wall)

There are only a handful of prospects from the Class of 2022 set to attend the Top 100 Camp and Rice certainly headlines that group. He’s big, strong, and an incredibly powerful athlete with phenomenal two-way versatility. Rice has continually expanded his offensive skillset over the last year and has dominated everyone in his path during the process. Everyone that sees him play immediately becomes a believer and that should remain true after next week, after he goes toe-to-toe with some of the top prospects the country has to offer.


6’10 ’20 Day’Ron Sharpe (South Central/Garner Road/UNC)

Arguably the top center in the Class of 2020, Sharpe looked phenomenal at last year’s camp and has only gotten better since then. In that span, he’s displayed a full arsenal of next-level tools while adding a state championship to his long list of accolades. Sharpe protects the rim and rebounds extremely well, but it’s his unique blend of offensive skills that separates him from similar prospects. He seems like a near-perfect fit for UNC and it’ll be exciting to see how he performs against other notable top post prospects.


6’4 ’20 Jaden Springer (IMG Academy/B. Maze Elite)

Even after his year at IMG Academy, it feels like Springer is slightly underrated. There simply are not ten players in the country better than him. Last year, he was easily the most impressive junior at this event, but was ultimately forced to sit with an injury. Springer has a complete game with IQ, size, vision, athleticism, and unmatched scoring ability. He checks every box and is capable of dominating every facet of the game. It would be difficult to envision any scenario where Springer doesn’t continue to look like an elite prospect during camp.


6’7 ’21 Dontrez Styles (Kinston/Team CP3)

Everyone that knows basketball should know about the recruiting hotbed of Kinston, which is where Styles resides. Already a top-three talent within the state, he’s accumulated over a handful of high major offers and is just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term capabilities. Styles is a big, strong forward prospect with excellent athleticism and very useful defensive versatility. He rebounds the ball extremely well and causes a ton of problems for the opposition in the open floor. Kinston breeds studs and Styles seems like a surefire bet to be next up from the small town.