2022 Evan Smith has been a staple in North Carolina, as the guard from Ardrey Kell has been playing at a high level and continues to shine on the big stage. This is why it was an exciting week when he announced that he had received his first D1 offer from Navy.

After dominating the competition at the Phenom MDC, Phenom Hoops caught up with Smith to learn more about his thoughts on the offer and what visits he has planned as well. Check out our latest 1-on-1 with Evan Smith.

Phenom: Talk a little bit about playing with ACE Elite and the guys around you?

Smith: First off, I’m just blessed that God has given me the opportunity to play. Last summer, COVID broke out and now I’m just glad to be able to play. Now playing with ACE Elite, it has been good; we are all cool with each other and it is just fun playing with them. I’m just looking forward in getting my name out there every time I step on the floor.

Phenom: Now I know you did that this past high school season and now looking forward to this summer.  You just received your first D1 offer from Navy.  What was that like for you to get that one?

Smith: It is definitely a blessing. My parents are happy for me and I’ve been really working for it, so it is nice that the hard work is paying off.

Phenom: What did they have to say when they offered?

Smith: It was a cool process. I got on a zoom call with my parents and we just talked Navy, their academics and basketball, and at the end of the call, they said they had a scholarship for me. It was great!

Phenom: What do you all know about the Navy program?

Smith: They play in a great conference and besides basketball, it is a great school. It will set you for life because the ball stops bouncing at some point, so it definitely sets you up down the years for sure.

Phenom: What other schools have been showing strong interest your way?

Smith: UNCG has shown some love to me. UNCW as well. VMI has reached out to me most recently.

Phenom: What did those schools have to say to you?

Smith: They just reached out and telling me that they like my game and that they will come and see me at the D1 camps in Bermuda Run.

Phenom: You also mentioned you have some visits coming up?

Smith: On Wednesday (June 2nd), I’m going up to Belmont Abbey. Queens wants me to come. And I’m definitely wanting to get out to Navy as well.

Phenom: What has Belmont Abbey and Queens been saying your way?

Smith: Belmont Abbey, I would say, has been wanting me the most, they have been on me and showing me love. I’m definitely going to go; I’m here for whatever school shows love to me. They have been on me since the end of the high school season. Queens have been saying they like my game and have invited me over.