By: Kevin Moses

Luke Shure
Twitter: @luke_shure
Height: 6’7, 175
Class of 2024
School: Union Christian Academy, AR

Shure is an extremely versatilewing that can flat-out go. This explosive young stud can be a fierce triple-threat scoring option consistentlywhile remaining an efficient leader. Luke has a beautiful touch fromoutsidebut he can be a punisher off the bounceand on the offensive glass with putbacks. Luke doesn’tforce bad shots ever and with a high IQ, he makes the right plays to impact every game. Luke can play 1-5 because of his great length, athleticism,and speed. The total package. Solid ball handler and great court vision and reads the defense quickly and easily makes adjustments in a flash. Luke finds and exploits weaknessesand mismatches so well, you almost wonder how he can do that. He is a highly skilled lockdown defender to boot. Loves the challenge of locking up the best player on the floor. With those long arms andnice lateral speed, he is a problem when you are his target. Luke thrives in tough matchups and pressure moments. Kid is clutch. His intangiblesare off the chart.

Last season, Luke averaged 13 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 4 assists per game. In the AAU session, he was more of a 3-and-D player as that was the role the team needed. His favorite AAU highlight was playing in the UA Rise championship in Atlantawhere he shot 43 percent from downtown. Luke’s biggest improvements were learning to play at a faster pace, his ball handling skill, pushing the ball in transition, pressure defense the whole game, and being that guy in the clutchmoments at the end of big games with the ball in his handsto make things happen to get the win. Luke’s goal for the upcoming season is to lead his team to a conferencechampionship. With the bitter memory of falling short in the finals last year, Luke feels the job isn’t done until they take that crown and propel his team to a deep tournamentrun with hopes of ending his high school career on top going out with a bang.

What coaches should know is that Luke is going to bring energy, grit, and toughness every single minute; never takes one play off. His high basketball IQ can fuel any team and will be an instant impactfrom day one. His offensive skill setwill open up any defensive strategy being a trust-worthy on the defensiveside. A trusted leader and an extensionof the coach on the floor to facilitatewith perfection getting his teammates great opportunities. Luke is going to punishdefenders at will. You can put him anywhere on the court and he will find gaps and seams consistently. He is a difference-maker. Here is the consistency to compare.This season Luke is averaging 16 points, 8.4 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, and 1.3 blocks.