With a brother, only one year older who is signed to play at UCF, Parker Hazen has spent a lot of his life playing in his shadow. However, this is the season Parker has stepped out, standing on his own. He is showing that he is a player A10, Big 10, etc'schools should start watching and recruiting now.

As a junior this is Parker Hazen's third year playing on Columbia City's varsity team. To this point, he is averaging 15.5 points, 6 boards, 2 assists and 1.5 steals per game. These numbers come on top of him shooting an astonishing 67% from the field.

After watching him at the Indiana Top 80, Phenom Hoops National Analyst Jamie Shaw labeled Parker Hazen as breakout performer,''Hazen walks onto the court passing the look test. He has long arms and a basketball frame. His lineage is good as his brother is a commitment to UCF. As for Hazen's recruitment we expect that to drastically pick up. Hazen is an aggressive downhill wing. He finished multiple dunks in traffic, and had no issue getting into the paint. His recruitment could take on an A 10, AAC, Big 12 feel.'

Standing at a lengthy 6'7, Parker Hazen plays with a toughness and sneaky burst. He is at his best when getting downhill and attacking the rim, which he does with a ferocity finishing multiple dunks in traffic throughout the course of a game. He is also very solid in the mid-range with the pull up jump shot.

After seeing him at the Indiana Top 80, analyst Corey Evans wrote,''The junior showed a bevy of versatility and upside as a combo forward-type. He can handle the ball on the breakdown and has good end to end speed where he can lead the break appropriately. Toughness isn't lacking out of the 6-foot-7 forward as the long junior doesn't shy away from contact on the attempted score at the basket and uses his length well to get the line on his man off the first step. His outside jumper isn't too shabby either and where he does need to add consistency to it, Hazen displays the ability to play either spot in the frontcourt and the energy in remaining involved on both ends of the floor. Hazen is on the cusp of big offers and could see those roll in as he develops his ball skills and jumper even further.'

As everyone has stated we expect Parker Hazen's recruitment to jump. He will play this summer with Spiece Indy Heat, it will be interesting to watch things jump.

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