Hamilton is a highest level recruit. He broke out with Team United at the Phenom Hoops David Rose Memorial Day Classic and he further solidified that status at the Phenom High School Jamboree.

Hamilton currently carries offers from Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest. He picked up Tennessee after the David Rose and then Wake Forest and Virginia Tech after the High School Jamboree. This weekend at the Charlotte Hoops Challenge, Hamilton further solidified himself as a Top 50 national prospect, with upside for much more.

The first thing that sticks out to you is Hamilton's size and frame. He is a very long 6'7', his wing span is about 6'10'. He is very muscular and rivals a stature of many college players, as a sophomore in high school. With this Adonis type frame, Hamilton is very athletic. He is quick laterally and is explosive vertically.

After the game tips you, you see a kid that possesses a skill set that most his size cannot fathom. He has a high IQ, and sees the floor at a very good pace. Hamilton has great vision, allowing him to play the point guard a lot of possessions for his high school team. He also has a very good handle in the half court set. He handles comfortably for his team and pushes the break with control off the boards.

With his length and athleticism, Hamilton is also a very good rebounder. He tracks hard and has a good second jump with strong hands. So far this season Hamilton is filling the state sheets, as his size and skill set would suggest. He is averaging 18 points, 6 boards, and 4 assists per game, switching back and forth between point guard and power wing.

Cannon School head coach Che Roth told Langston Wertz of the Charlotte Observer,''Jairus is an exceptional competitor and a great team mate and natural leader. That is what separates him'He wants to be the absolute best, not only for himself, but for his team mates as well.''After that type of praise we are sure that it comes as no surprise that Hamilton carries a 3.7 GPA in his classes.

Hamilton has the physical tools and skill set to be special. He has the grades, discipline and the mid set to reach the highest level. He also has the lineage to suggest success. His father (also a preacher) played at Depaul, his brother is currently playing at Jacksonville St, and his sister is finishing up at UNC Greensboro.

What is not to like here' After watching Hamilton at the Phenom High School Jamboree, Basketball Elite analyst James Blackburn wrote,''Jairus Hamilton is a 6'8' point-forward. He is strong and aggressive and is able to create for himself and others.''Phenom Hoops Analyst Jamie Shaw wrote,''Expect 6'7' Jairus Hamilton to get high major recruitment ASAP. He is a high upside wing.'