Bradshaw is an Ivy League type high academic kid. But there is no questioning his game on the court, he plays a very productive, albeit very unique style.

What first sticks out about Bradshaw is that he leads the state of Kentucky in rebounding at a staggering 13.3 per game. But, such is the unique nature of Bradshaw's game, he is comfortable playing mostly on the ball.

Bradshaw stands a long a sinewy 6'6'. He tips the scales at about 175 pounds, but he has a very high IQ on the court. He seems to always be in the right place at the right time. Bradshaw has a 6'9' wing span and a high motor that allow him to rebound the ball at a high rate, for his position.

Offensively, he is currently averaging 21 points per game. That is up from the 13 per game that he put up as a sophomore. Again, Bradshaw is a bit unorthodox in his production in that he is most deadly from the mid-range. That is right, said to be the lost art of basketball is actually where Bradshaw excels.

While Bradshaw does not possess 'blow by you speed' he does have the length and vision to see over and around you. He also has the size to shoot over you, or exploit a mis-match in the post. Bradshaw is a 50+% shooter from the field, playing very efficiently with the ball in his hands.

Bradshaw is still growing. His body is still filling out. However, his game has taken a step to the next level. His sophomore year he averaged 13 points and 8 boards. His junior year he is averaging 21 points and 13 boards.

Schools such as William and Mary, Lipscomb, and Yale have recently been in to see Bradshaw. Even though he is in a smaller city, expect it to become a regular stop on recruiting trails.

Pedro Bradshaw can play!