When scouting players, one thing you look for is uniqueness. Josiah James carries quite the unique skill set.

James' brother KJ is a sophomore at High Point University. His father Kurt played at Michigan State during the Magic Johnson era. His mother is an ACC referee. High level basketball play, runs in the James family.

The freshman class, in the state of South Carolina, will end up as one of the best in the state's history. The class ha 4-5 players that will be in consideration as Top 100 talents. James is the elite player of that class that no one is talking about, yet.

The apple sure doesn't fall from the tree with Josiah, as he has a chance to be the best of the bunch. Already standing at a long 6'5'/6'6', James is a starting guard for Porter Gaud's varsity team. Not only is he a starting guard, the majority of possession the ball winds up in his hands running the point.

James has great court awareness, as evidence by the fact that (at his size) he runs the point for his team. Phenom Hoops' National Analyst Jamie Shaw stated, '6-5 freshman Josiah James of Porter Gaud is a big time talent. He has great length, good handle in the half court, and elite vision.'

What makes James' game unique is his size and skill set. Already standing 6'5'/6'6' he has a 6'9' wing span. He defends the wing well, especially in the ' and ' court trap. Even as a guard, he is able to get his hands on a lot of ball, both in the passing lanes and on the boards. On the ball, he plays with great pace. He doesn't get rushed, or caught up in the moment of pressure.

Then there is James' court vision. With his size, he has the ability to see over the defense and the vision and touch to deliver great passes to his team mates.

Look out for this one, he is below many people's radars right now. But will be on the national Top 50 radar for long.