Zion Williamson is one of the top rising sophomore prospects in the country, and many still have not heard of him…

The 6’5” Zion Williamson burst onto the scene this summer. He came with is South Carolina Hornets travel team to the Phenom Champion Showcase and the Phenom Summer Havoc where he left July on ESPNs rankings and with an offer on the table from Clemson.

Prior to the Phenom Summer Havoc Phenom Hoops’ National Analyst Jamie Shaw wrote, Williamson is still a newer name to many, however he is one to monitor. At the Phenom Champions Classic he had Florida, UNC, South Carolina, and others watching him. The lefty, is a versatile player with the ability to handle in the half court, attack from the wing, or post down low. He also defends multiple positions.”

Kudos to Clemson and ESPN as they were the first to go in, and their evaluations are proving to be spot on. Williamson is unique. The lefty has a thick body, a body that he uses in a crafty manner to get good positioning. Williamson is very explosive, he has great timing to block shots and quick reactions in the passing lanes. He is also adept to tip back dunks along with some big throw downs in traffic.

For his high school team, Spartanburg Day School (Spartanburg, SC), he plays point guard. All the while, he averaged 31 points. 11 boards, and 3 assists per game.

When you watch Williamson play, you notice the pace at which he plays. He has a great handle in the open and half court, but is never rushed.  With his reputation growing he gets face guarded for the majority of games and drawing a double team as the caught the ball.

Despite his ESPN ranking and early ACC offers, many still don’t know about Zion Williamson yet. However, he is a unique talent who is conservatively a top 50 talent, nationally.