Player: Saiquan Clark

Class: 2017

HT: 6'4, 175 pounds

High School: Norcom High School, Portsmouth VA

AAU Team: Team Loaded


AAU Coach Evaluation: Saiquan Clark is a 6’4 PF on the rise! Very high IQ on and off the floor sporting a 3.5 gpa. Not only is he getting it done in the classroom but he is willing to do whatever it takes for team success! Whether it’s snatching rebounds, blocking shots, locking down the oppositions big men, or diving for a loose ball, he is willing to do the dirty work some others aren’t willing to do. Norcom HS is a perennial state power and Saiquan figures to be a key part of their continued success. – Coach Lamar Claiborne, Chesapeake Thunder AAU

Coach Frank says: Saiquan, in typical Norcom style plays with toughness and grit. He is a battler around the basket and is extremely athletic, quick and powerful. Saiquan has a strong solid frame and knows how to use his body to hold off taller players. Saiquan plays excellent post defense, outworks people and has excellent footwork and mobility which allows him to be in position to rebound and make plays. At 6'4 he is shorter than his opponent most often but makes up for that with effort and sound defensive execution and basketball IQ. Offensively he can play with his back to the basket and is a very good finisher playing through contact. He appears most comfortable facing up where he has very good footwork and a nice shooting touch in the two point area. Saiqaun can handle the ball and create his own shot, can score off the bounce and is a very good passer. A future on the wing is an obvious transition as he also has enough quickness and mobility to guard the 3 and 4 away from the basket.

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