Player: Tyler Buckner


Class: 2018

HT: 6'3,' 180 pounds

High School: Hampton Christian Academy' (Hampton VA)

High School Statistics: 12.1 ppg, 6 rpg, 2.1 stls

Basketball Achievement:Earned 2015 Recruit757 Boys Basketball All Showcase Team Honors

HS Coach Evaluation: Tyler has shown the ability to consistently connect beyond the arc.' He knows when to utilize his range and when to take his highly accurate mid range jumper as well.' His frame allows him to get to the rim with power though he's still developing his jumping ability.' Defensively he's strong enough to guard any position.' His length combined with his improving foot speed should make him as equally dangerous a threat on defense as he is on offense.'' Coach Ben Brickhouse, Head Coach Hampton Christian Academy

Coach Frank says: Tyler has always been considered a very good shooter from beyond the arc and, with a strong body and nice touch he has been effective around the rim as well.' As the summer progressed we saw Tyler improve his middle game and his ability to create plays off the bounce.' His mobility and versatility has improved greatly which has led to an increase in his scoring and assist totals. He has demonstrated solid passing skills and an improved handle.' Defensively he has proven effective defending inside as well as along the perimeter.' Tyler is physical and strong and has very good footwork.' Tyler should emerge as a prospect worthy of attention from college coaches who will like his physicality, size and skill set.