By now you should know the name Will Dillard. He is a national Top 100 prospect who burst onto the scene as he was throwing down vicious dunks in the seventh grade.

Well Dillard is growing up, and while many people's eyes first came to him because of his rare explosion, those same eyes are watching his game round out. Dillard's older brother Reggie is currently a star at Presbyterian, where he is a sophomore and two year starter.

Will's game is based on the absolute dog that he brings to the court. The kid is a natural competitor as he sits low on defense and uses his active hands, athletic feet and his will (excuse the use of words) to create a turnover. Or at the very least to make life very uncomfortable for the opposing ball handler.

As with most in this region, Dillard has been a long time attendee of the Phenom Hoops camps. During his 8th grade year, after attending the Fall NC Phenom 150 camp (a high school camp) we stated, 'Simply put, Will Dillard is advanced beyond his years in athleticism and his potential is off the charts. He is probably one of the most explosive players in the country in his class. While the southpaw could improve his shooting technique, he has excellent ball handling and passing skills. We think his best position will be the point guard position. Coach Brown stated, 'Will penetrates and passes the ball extremely well. He has a quick first step and can finish like nobody's business.' While Will is transitioning into the lead guard position, his decision-making will improve. Without question, Will Dillard is a high level player and will be in the national conversation as one of the elite players in his class.'

As a freshman, playing in the North Carolina Top 80 last year Dillard showed out. After the event we wrote,'Dillard is already a well-known name, as he is a top 50 player in most national services. Rightfully so, Dillard was the leading scorer in this year's state championship game (a game that displayed over 10 D1 prospects). Dillard is a high level athlete, but the lefty is also a high level passer.'

Dillard is a top 100 talent nationally. He effects the game on the defensive end and makes his players better. He carries early offers from Wake Forest and Charlotte, and more should be coming.

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