Player: Malachi Banks

Class: 2018

HT: 5'8, 145 pounds

High School: Summit Christian Academy, Yorktown VA

HS Statistics: 16.1 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 3.5 apg, 2.5 stls, 44% fg, 38% 3pt

Highlight video:

From Vantage Hoops Camp: Shifty, quick and creative are just a few ways to describe this 5'8 PG. Banks was a nightmare to guard of the bounce and showed the ability to create for himself in both the half court and in transition. He was good at all three levels, especially the mid range area and showed quick hands and good lateral movement on the defensive end.

HS Coach Evaluation: The first thing that sticks out about Malachi is his ability to finish around the basket. He is incredibly creative once he gets inside the paint, and he is able to maintain great balance with his body while finishing. Gradually, this year he is learning how to get to the free throw line, and the importance of adding that aspect to his game. Through the first 9 games he only attempted 4 free throws, during the next 14 games Malachi went to the line 56 times! Outside of the paint Malachi mixes in mature like craftiness, with electric ball handling skills. He also has a very high basketball IQ, especially when you consider he's only a sophomore. He has an incredible ability to see and deliver perfect passes down the floor from the backcourt, displaying his incredible handles, as he always has his head up looking up the court. He also does a fantastic job against a zone, specifically his very noticeable ability to make others around him better. We run a lot of 2-3 quick hitters to get shots in the corner, and Malachi takes advantage of this not only by knocking down jumpers, but also by attacking the baseline from the corner. This aspect alone makes him a very difficult cover for defenses playing zone. He is a very good in game shooter, who for a young basketball player also does a good job with his shot selection. He has a knack for wanting to take the big shot, and make the big shot. On the defensive end he is very aggressive, especially off the ball. Throughout the game he gets his hands on a lot of basketballs, and can be very sneaky when getting in passing lanes. He also has 14 blocked shots on the year. – Cyrous Bagheri, Summit Christian Academy


Coach Frank says: Malachi is a crafty, high IQ guard with a mature court presence. He is strong and shifty with a quick first step and the ability to create separation with a number of dribble moves. He is an aggressive attacking guard who makes excellent decisions, is a very good passer and can get to the rim and finish. Malachi can score from all three levels but is a tough player to keep out of the lane so he often gets shots around the basket and inside 18 feet where he can hit the mid range jumper and create offense for himself and for teammates. Defensively he is quick and active, very athletic and can get to the ball in a hurry in closeouts and in help. His sound skills, ability to score in bunches and understanding of the game is impressive and ranks him right up there among the top 2018 guards in the area.