Player: Derrick Brown

Class: 2016

HT: 5'10, 158 pounds

High School:Churchland High School, Portsmouth VA

HS Statistics:12 ppg, 4.5 apg, 2 stls


HS Coach Evaluation: I can say a lot of things about Derrick but first thing first he is a smart kid, he is about his school work before anything. He is a real student-athlete. On the basketball side his intensity at practice, getting people involved and teaching these underclassmen the proper fundamentals to better themselves. In the game he is a ball hawk he thrives himself on not letting the guy he is checking touch the ball let alone score. Whenever there’s a guy who is a big scorer for the other team he loves checking that guy and you can’t find kids like that these days. He knows when to gamble for the lob passes, dump down to bigs and the inbound passes. On offense he knows if his shot isn’t falling he’s going to the rack every time. It helps us coaches out by having a guy like Derrick on the court for us because he will get into his teammates if they are lacking on defense and rebounding. – Coach Quinton Harper, Churchland HS Basketball

Coach Evaluation: Derrick takes pride on the defensive end, guards the other teams best scorer. He can defend baseline to baseline; he's very quick and athletic. Derrick can get to the rim and finish, uses his speed to get around the defender and creates for his teammates. He sees the floor well and finds his teammates. Derrick is a leader and the kids looks up to him. He is a hard worker, first one in the gym last one to leave working on his craft. He also has a good midrange game and shoots it with consistency. – Coach Ronnell Jenkins

Coach Frank says: Derrick competes on every possession on both ends of the floor! He's a high energy and high level defender who can defend baseline to baseline, he's disruptive and harassing on the defensive end. He has cat-like quickness and is very athletic, has sound defensive and offensive fundamentals. Offensively he can shoot it from deep with good consistency, has a very good middle game and is a shifty finisher with solid handles and the ability to quickly shift into another gear and get into a defender, explosive quickness! Derrick is excellent in transition and is a very good passer. He is a savvy court leader, has great understanding of the game and communicates constantly. Derrick is respected and well liked by teammates and other players throughout the area.