Player: Logan Washington

Class: 2020

HT: 6'6, 195 pounds

High School: Woodside High School, Newport News VA

AAU Club Name: BWSL – Dip

High School Coach Evaluation: Logan is scratching the surface of how good he can become. He is blessed with the natural ability of timing and athleticism to being a prolific shot blocker. He has a really high motor with an expanding offensive game. As he continues to expand his game and add weight he can become one of the better two-way players in the state-region. Doctors say that he’s on track to grow between 6-9 – 7’1 and if that happens and he stays focused and healthy he can make a lot of money playing this game! – Coach Stephan Welsh, Head Coach Woodside High School. Coach Welsh starred at Woodside High School before playing collegiately at University of Arkansas where he led the Razorbacks to an NCAA tournament appearance. He played in the NBA Developmental League and professionally overseas.

Coach Frank says: The progress Logan has made over the past few months is cause for great excitement! Logan is a long 6'6 with long arms, his mother who played high school basketball in Indiana tells me his doctor projects he will reach 7'1! He is athletic and has really improved his skills in all areas and thus his confidence and impact. Logan is becoming a very good finisher around the rim, has a baby hook in his growing repertoire, has a soft touch around the rim. He does a great job sealing his defender and asking for the ball, great hands and decisive moves to the rim. Logan can step out and hit the jumper and can knock down the occasional three pointer. Is very good on screen and roll and is a good shooter. The area I'm most impressed with is his shot blocking ability and his ability to gather himself and contest the next shot. He is bouncy, has very good footwork and is quick off his feet. As he continues to develop his body and get stronger he will become one of the most dominant players in the 757 and it is feasible to see him as a wing in the near future. College coaches should get an early jump on Logan Washington, he promises to be one of the most exciting, game changing prospects in the 757 in the not too distant future.