Player: Tariq Balogun

Class:  2019

HT: 6’9

High School: Walsingham Academy, Williamsburg VA

High School Coach Evaluation: Tariq is a legitimate 6’9″ and is very athletic and very skilled. He handles the ball well and is a good passer. He is an inside/outside guy who is equally comfortable playing on the perimeter as he is with his back to the basket. Most importantly he is a good kid who wants to get better.  He is only 16 years old and has a big upside especially when he gets stronger. – Coach Billy Barnes, Head Coach Walsingham Academy

AAU Club Name: Boo Williams – Chiz


AAU Coach Evaluation: Tariq is a very skilled player who competes hard on both ends of the floor.  He understands how to move his feet and challenges everything on the defensive end and showcases his post moves on the offensive end.  Tariq rebounds block shots and runs the floor while doing it with a great motor.  Tariq also has the ability to knock down shots but prefers to dunk on somebody. Tariq has only been in the states for about a month now and is getting used to the physical way we play here but at the same time he is a willing banger. Tariq is also a personable and very enthusiastic kid and I am honored to be able to have an opportunity to help Tariq as he pursues his goals on and off the court. – Coach K Chiz, Boo Williams AAU

Basketball Achievements: Played in London, England for Croydon Elite and for the Southwark Legends…Selected to the England U16 and U17 National Teams…Selected to the 2016 Hoopsfix All Star Classic considered the “Ultimate British Basketball Showcase”.  The Hoopsfix All Star Classic features the top 22 Under 17 players in England.

Coach Frank says: Tariq is an impressive player not only because of his great length and very good athleticism but because he is extremely skilled and versatile.  He is very agile, runs the floor extremely well and has excellent footwork.  Tariq can hit the jumper to three point range with good consistency and he can handle and score going downhill.  I am impressed with his footwork and skill scoring both with his back to the basket and facing up.  He has great hands, very good shot mechanics and a high IQ.  Tariq rebounds both ends but does a great job getting in to open slots and finding the offensive rebound, his length is a big factor as he gets tough rebounds outside his area. Is a very good repeat jumper, keeps the ball high and finishes through contact, will dunk on you!  Tariq is certainly a Division I caliber stretch four type and has obviously been well coached.  Under the mentorship of Coach Billy Barnes at Walsingham Academy known for his success in developing and utilizing big men, the sky is the limit for Tariq.