Photo credit: Caroline Yuhas Weaver

Player: Shawn Sanders

Class: 2018

HT: 6'4, 220 pounds

High School:Green Run High School, Va Beach VA


AAU Club Name:'' Team Loaded 757 ' Claiborne, ''''Boo Williams ' Chiz

AAU Coach Evaluation: Shawn is an excellent inside/outside player and very skilled in multiple positions.' He also has the athleticism and physical ability to play wherever his team needs him to play.' He is always around the basketball and is willing to do whatever it takes for his team to win!' Shawn is a high IQ player and competes at a high level in games and in practice.'' Coach Lamar Claiborne, Team Loaded 757

ASSIST Founder William Carter after the recent ASSIST Fall Final Camp:' 'Shawn plays like Draymond Green.' Dominated both ends of the floor.' Bruiser!'

Coach Frank says: Shawn is a tremendous athlete with a strong, powerful frame and very good quickness and bounce.' He looks more like someone who would be sacking quarterbacks than slashing to the basket showing off a capable handle and crafty playmaking skills.' At 6'4, 220 pounds he is an imposing junior wing who can post you up, back you down and score or cross you up with a dribble move and get to the rim.' Shawn is a three level scorer with a smooth shooting stroke and a quick release, very good extension and follow through.' He has a knack for getting to the free throw line as he attacks the basket welcoming contact and finishing at a high rate.' He is a mobile and active defender capable of defending the wing as well as the paint.' Shawn is an excellent rebounder especially on the defensive end, quick off his feet and an excellent repeat jumper.' He has strong hands, runs the floor extremely well and plays with a high motor on every possession.' In addition he is a likeable, highly regarded teammate as someone who puts in work be it in a game, in the practice gym or in the weight room and teammates know he is going give his teammates a solid effort on every play.' He is certainly a player college coaches at all levels should put on their watch list!

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