2017 River City Reign guard Alex Petrie was a standout in the Southern Jam. He was a standout because every time he touched the floor, you can automatically tell he comes to play with a purpose. To start things off, this guy is a flat out shooter. Although his shooting form is unorthodox, he can shoot it off the dribble, pull-up, NBA range – you name it he can knock it down. He really caught my attention when he first shot the ball because he did a pump fake, jab-step, one-dribble step-back and knocked it down. The move he did was next level. He also has a great handle on the ball, which allows him to get the defender off balance to get his shot off and he has the option blow by them as well because of his quick first-step. In transition, he is so fun to watch because he has the ability to take it to the basket for himself. When he drives, he finishes through contact well and his lay-up package is something to look out for as well. Alex also displayed his IQ for the game during this event. He always seemed to make the right decision at the right time for himself and especially his teammates. Overall, Alex is a very fun player to watch and his game has a great chance to translate to the next level.

When I asked Alex how the Phenom Hoop Report platform has helped his recruitment he stated:

'Phenom Hoops has positively affected my recruiting by providing me opportunities and platforms in which several college coaches are in attendance.'

Alex Petrie currently holds scholarships from: Drexel, Lafayette, Northeastern, Mount St. Mary's, and Towson.

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