Must Watch Matchups (Part 1)
Phenom’s 5th Annual National High School Showcase
November 16-17 at Greensboro Day in Greensboro, NC

Moussa Diabate Vs. Sekou Sada Kalle
DME Academy (FL) Vs. Aspire Academy (KY)
7:30 PM on Friday, November 17

Expect to see these two player’s names in a lot of the same conversations. Both are 6’10” 2021 prospects who are ranked among the nation’s top 15 prospects in their classes.

Diabate, a 6’10” sophomore at DME Academy in Florida already carries offers from the likes of Creighton, Miami, Virginia Tech, Memphis, Illinois and more. He is an extremely fluid athlete, with a high level physical profile and upside on the defensive end. Diabate has touch, range, handle and court awareness. His game represents how basketball is trending.

Sada Kalle, a 6’10” sophomore at Aspire Academy in Louisville, Kentucky already carries offers from the likes of UCLA, Western Kentucky, Rutgers and more. He’s a lengthy, quick twitch post player who runs the floor incredibly well and has natural timing both in blocking shots and trying to dunk EVERYTHING around the basket.

Each of these players represent the way that basketball is moving with two-way upside and fluid switch-ability on both ends. Oh, not to metion, Sada Kalle started off this season with 44 Point, 24 Rebound and 4 Blocked Shot performance. Get your popcorn out and sit back to enjoy the show.