Heritage IJN:

6’2 ’20 Uziel Muteba

The lead guard arguably enjoyed his best all-around performance of the season, as he was able to control the offense—primarily from beyond the three-point arc. He was able to knock down multiple attempts from the perimeter, but still showed his ability to enter the paint and make plays. Muteba has continually improved his overall feel for the game and should be a major contributor going forward.


6’9 ’21 Saliou Nguer

The newest addition to this squad is Nguer, a long, wiry big man prospect with an incredible amount of upside two-way upside. He’s still somewhat raw offensively, but that will likely come with time and increased game repetitions. Nguer is a very attractive athlete that can consistently play above the rim on dunks, blocks, and rebounds. He’s already quite productive, but he’ll be a prospect to revisit in a few months, as he could become extremely talented.


Ben Lippen:

6’1 ’19 Dayton Owens

The primary ball-handler for this Ben Lippen squad is Owens, who offers a pretty nice blend between scoring and playmaking. He’s long and possesses a quality frame, which allows him to have a size advantage against most point guards. Owens is a solid all-around athlete that is capable of defending either backcourt position.


6’0 ’20 Emmanuel Hughes

The guard prospect was arguably the most reliable scoring option for Ben Lippen, especially given his consistency as a perimeter shooter. He showed the ability to initiate offense, spot-up, or create for himself, but didn’t force the action often and mainly took smart shots throughout this contest.


Great Bridge Christian:

7’0 ’20 Jerriah Coleman

There’s a lot to like with Coleman, especially as he’s making the gradual transition into a high-major prospect. He has legitimate size at the center position, as he possesses quality strength and stands a true seven-feet tall. Coleman has great touch around the basket and moves exceptional well for his size. He seems to get better each time he takes the floor and this showing was no different. Coleman burdened the scoring load and protected the rim well from start to finish.


6’9 ’21 Daveon Coleman

The younger Coleman brother brings a lot of intrigue to the table for this Great Bridge team, as he’s only beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term upside. He’s big, strong and moves pretty well for his size. Coleman scores effectively around the basket and runs the floor with purpose. He relies on his size to make an impact on defense and when rebounding, and should become a true two-way terror in time.


Concord First Assembly:

6’8 ’20 Garrett Hien

The most unique player on display was Hien, who showcased more versatility than anyone else throughout the morning. At 6-foot-7 with guard-like skills, he’s able to utilize his ball-handling ability to break down and cause problems for all types of opponents. Hien is unselfish and sees the floor unbelievably well for his size, able to initiate offense or create opportunities for others with relative ease. He’s a deadly shooter and capable scorer from anywhere on the floor, and surprising ability to play above the rim. Hien is a quality defender that knows how to properly move his feet in space.


6’2 ’21 Trae Benham

The strong-bodied point guard was among the most reliable all-around performers for Concord First Assembly. He did a particularly nice job of initiating the offense while offering a strong blend of scoring and playmaking. Benham makes quality decisions with the ball in his hands and typically outrebounds his assignment on both ends of the floor. He’s a great defender that takes pride in containing his matchup and forcing turnovers through jumping into passing lanes.


Lincoln Charter:

6’2 ’19 Levontae Knox

Few players are more valuable to this team than Knox, who is able to control the action on both ends of the floor. He’s a glue-guy that understands how to make his presence felt at all times, especially on offense, where he’s able to seamlessly toggle between scoring and creating for others. Knox is also a capable defender that can contain two to three positions reliably.


6’0 ’22 Anthony Breland

The freshman point guard is probably the most intriguing player on this Lincoln Charter roster, given the incredible poise and skill he possesses. Breland already has a quality feel for the game and can disrupt opposing guards with his size. He showcased the ability to effectively score the ball throughout this contest, but is most effective when attacking the basket and finishing through contact. Breland is still in the early stages of his development and should be a prospect to watch going forward.



6’5 ’19 Omar Croskey

The long, wiry wing prospect was the most dominant scorer for either team during this contest, getting it done efficiently and from all three levels. He utilizes his length well to extend past opponents and finish around the basket, but perimeter shooting remains his most reliable area of attack—despite his slightly unorthodox form. Croskey showed great leadership throughout this game and was vocal on both ends of the floor. He’s going to make a D2 program incredibly happy with his commitment.


6’3 ’19 Jalen Johnson

Alongside Croskey, Johnson is the other lethal perimeter shooter on this squad that is capable of lighting it up from beyond the arc. He’s thick and sturdy, but moves extremely well for his size. Johnson is able to handle the ball and create decent looks for himself, though he appears more comfortable when spotting-up and forcing defenses to respect him. He’s looked increasingly likely to thrive at the D2 level, wherever he decides to attend.


Cardinal Newman:

6’3 ’19 Chico Carter

The Murray State signee simply knows how to dictate the offensive action, regardless of setting or surrounding talent, and did a great job of showcasing that during this contest. He’s a polished ball-handler/creator with an excellent blend of strength and quickness, which allows him to basically get wherever he desires on the court. Carter is an elite shooter and scorer that can generate a shot from nothing with relative ease. He has a phenomenal IQ and overall feel for the game, which should translate nicely to the next level. Carter has such an ideal skillset for the Racers, so it’ll be exciting to watch him flourish.


6’3 ’21 Josh Beadle

The lefty guard continued to make waves as one of the top South Carolina players in his class during this showing. He’s able to handle the ball and create for himself, or slide off-ball and apply pressure as a spot-up threat from the perimeter. Beadle is a powerful athlete that surprises opponents with his leaping ability. He’s still in the early process of harnessing his potential, but already regularly displays flashes of dominance.


Asheville Christian:

5’11 ’19 Raishaun Brown

The Asheville Christian squad has struggled without two of their better players, but Brown returned and his impact was apparent from the opening tip. As their senior leader, he consistently looks to set the tone on both sides of the ball and typically does a quality job of executing. He’s so quick and scores the ball so effectively that it causes problems for most opposing point guards. Brown is a clear scholarship-level prospect, so it’ll be interesting to see what schools get involved before he graduates.


6’3 ’20 Tyler McKinney

Like Brown, McKinney is incredibly valuable and plays an irreplaceable role on this team. He’s a glue-guy that simply makes things happen on both ends of the floor. McKinney handles the ball on a regular basis, getting downhill, attacking the basket, and creating for others quite well. He leads by example at all times, defending, outworking his assignment on the glass, and making the extra pass whenever possible. He’s definitely a scholarship-worthy prospect and should have an interesting recruitment going forward.