#28- 6'2 '21 Jaquantae Harris- The lefty point guard has been arguably the most impressive floor general on display through the first slate of games. He's so strong and in-tune with his skillset that it's almost unfair for opposing guard. Harris is incredibly smart and navigates wherever he desires on the floor. He's very polished and basically unstoppable when getting downhill.


#106- 6'8 '20 Josh Hall- There simply aren't many players in the country that are built and wired like Hall, who is a walking matchup at his size and at the high school level. He can really score the ball from three-point range and has been attacking the basket as intensely as ever. Hall continues to trend upward as a prospect and should see a major blow-up in his recruitment this summer.


#94- 6'6 '20 Brady O'Connell- The forward prospect has been among the most unique two-way players on display. He possesses size, ball-skills, and very sneaky athleticism. O'Connell is still quite far from his ceiling, so it's likely that he'll continue to improve and define his skillset over the next calendar year. He has the chance to be really impressive.


#66- 6'4 '22 Jalen Hood-Schifino- In terms of feel and overall polish, no point guard in the state has better natural intangibles than Hood-Schifino. He possesses great size for his position and sees the floor incredibly well. Hood-Schifino has already earned the reputation as a high-level prospect, but we wouldn't be shocked to see him continue to trend upward into the blue-bloods type of territory.


#116- 6'9 '20 Dean Reiber- The big man fits perfectly in this style of play, as he's skilled enough to easily change his approach on the fly. Reiber is so smooth and does a great job of getting involved on both ends of the floor. He is an excellent athlete with three-level scoring ability and a strong understanding of how to impose his will around the basket.


#79- 6'6 '20 Aleksander Stoimenov- Though somewhat wiry, Stoimenov is extremely sharp and embraces his skillset well on both sides of the ball. He utilizes his length exceptionally well and could possibly have the prettiest-looking jumper of any player in the region. He's a knockdown shooter with a great feel for the game. Stoimenov can operate off the bounce and take advantage of most types of opponents.


#29- 6'1 '20 JaJuan Carr- The point guard is incredibly smart and leads by example, even in a setting like this. Carr just effortlessly gets wherever he wants on the floor and regularly makes impressive reads upon entering the paint. He never shows emotion and maintains an extremely calm demeanor at all times.


#113- 6'9 '20 Georges Lefebvre- The forward prospect is arguably the most intriguing player to enter the building today. He's extremely versatile for his size and is capable of scoring on all three levels or attacking the rim with force. Lefebvre should be heavily prioritized by Division I programs going forward.


#62- 6'4 '21 Bryce Alfino- The tough, gritty, two-way poise of Alfino was able to stand out in a setting where those types of attributes typically do not. He gets after it on defense and refuses to take any possessions off. Alfino goes aggressively to the basket and finishes extremely well this contact.


#51- 6'3 '22 Jaden Bradley- The young point guard continues to solidify himself among the top all-around players in the state. He's super shifty and crafty with the ball in his hands, which allows to easily create for himself and others, especially when looking to get a bucket. Bradley already has an abundance of college coaches expressing interest, so it'll be unsurprising to see him end up at the high major level.