#20-Malcolm Knight- Quick, scrappy point guard prospect that locks down defensively and takes genuine pride in his play on that end of the floor. Knight attacks the basket regularly and does a nice job of finishing through contact.


#23-Adam Omar- Polished point guard prospect with a sturdy frame and solid quickness; he does a great job of creating and consistently getting everyone involved in the action.


#30-Tyree Barnes- Scrappy, wiry guard prospect with great length and the ability to cause havoc on defense; he forces turnovers well and truly knows how to contribute within the team concept.


#62-Sean McCabe- Smart, smooth combo-guard with quickness and the ability to overwhelm teams with his constant three-level scoring flow. He operates well off the dribble and understands how to make plays on both ends of the floor.


#84-Jason Sellars- Strong-bodied tweener forward with exceptional two-way rebounding instincts and the ability to push transition play. Sellars finished well around the basket and operated quite nicely without the ball.


#86-Jesse Blu Walters- The glue-guy that kept this team constantly flowing; he made efficient use of his touches and knocked down open looks while doing a little bit of everything. Walters is a capable scorer from all levels, but never forces the issue.


#88-Trent McIntyre- Effective all-around wing prospect with nice vision and scoring ability, especially given his quality size and athleticism. McIntyre has great upside defensively and has the potential to defend three positions.


#90-Jay’den Turner- Arguably the most intriguing prospect during the morning slate of games, given his athleticism, mentality, and strong two-way versatility. Turner has a great motor and pursues rebounds extremely well.


#92-Jalen King Joiner- Long, athletic, wing prospect with an extremely unselfish approach to the game and the ability to operate within various different roles. He secures extra possessions, finishes above the rim, and will do whatever his team requires from him.


#94-Collin Wilson- Strong, skilled tweener forward with three-level scoring ability and an excellent motor for pursuing rebounds. Wilson has a fairly versatile offensive skillset and utilizes his size well on defense.


#99-Zach Shumate- Phenomenal rebounding big man with a relentless pursuit of the ball. He runs the floor well and makes quality decisions with the ball in his hands. Shumate’s motor is terrific and arguably his best asset.


#101-Coleman Agbo- Unique big man prospect with a nice, mobile frame. He runs the floor well and does a decent job of protecting the rim. He fights extremely hard for rebounds and loose balls and has an intriguing skillset on offense.