Mooresville Magic
6'1 '19 Devin Elliot- Quick, change of pace guard got busy in this one, scoring from wherever
he wants'showing a preference of threes and tough finishes at the rim. Elliot is a competitor,
tight handle

6'4 '19 DeAngelo Elliot- Exceptional shooter with great mechanics; he knocked down plenty of
shots in this contest, great size, smart floor spacer. Has real ability as a DI prospect.

Team Stacked
6'0 '20 Isaac Sinclair- Didn't hit an abundance of shots in this game, but still led the offense,
through making plays for others and hustling from start to finish. He continues to improve
defensively and still has savvy as a playmaker.

6'10 '19 David Elien- Super intriguing big man with great length and feel; he displays soft touch
around the rim and appears to just be scratching the surface of his abilities.

5'10 Elijah Haynes- Undersized guard who scored the ball pretty well in this contest; he
displayed constant toughness, but made plays throughout.

Team Winston
5'11 '19 Quinton Morton- Morton is a quick point guard that takes guys off the bounce
whenever he wants. He's patient, excellent from three-point territory, and displays a nice IQ,
which allows him to score from wherever he wants on the floor.

6'5 '19 Mikey Walton- Quality three-point shooter, excellent spot-up option, pretty strong
shooter when moving and off-balance. He doesn't take a bad shot and knows how to stretch
opposing defenses with his shooting.

Durham Hurricanes
6'4 '19 Jayvis Harvey- Quality two-way wing, good length, solid all-around scorer, gets into the
paint and finishes really well, nice shooter, interesting as the main scoring option on this team.

6'1 20 Marcus Boykin- Nice change-of-pace guard, scores on all levels, tough, makes solid
decisions with the ball. He did really well in transition throughout this contest.

Durham Hurricanes 16U
6'8 '20 Sam Hood- Exceptional big man prospect with size, length, touch around the basket, and
quality shooting from three levels. Rebounds really well, extremely tough, plays hard, blocks a
lot of shots

6'0 '21 Cole Sinclair- Scrappy combo-guard with efficient scoring ability, quality vision, which
he uses to consistently create for himself. Sinclair is excellent at reading the floor and making
decisions with the ball.

6'0 '20 Micah Jones- Shoot-first guard that can really fill it up, great spot-up option and is
streaky enough to consistently hurt opponents, but still improving his handle.

WCBA Elite White
6'2 '20 Alex Nunnally- Nice combo-forward with stock frame and high motor, pursues the ball
well and does well in transition, scores well inside, doesn't force the action offensively.
Team Winston 15U

6'0 '21 Omari Bolden- Combo-guard with nice scoring ability on all three levels, plays hard,
finishes through contact, strong in transition.

Team Loaded Stephens
5'10 '21 Jack Carter- Terrific all-around point guard and floor leader, makes terrific decisions,
has a high IQ. Throughout this contest, Carter took good shots and scored on all three levels.

Mooresville Magic
6'1 '19 Zane Haglan- High IQ point guard with really tough all-around offensive arsenal; he
knows how to create a shot. Haglan scores and passes it well, and he's improving as a leader but
does everything nicely on the floor.

6'8 '19 Elton Hooper- Strong, active big man, somewhat undersized but has an excellent motor,
rebounds at a really high level; fluid athlete.

Durham Hurricanes
6'3 '19 Jevon Johnson- Long, athletic guard with intriguing three-level scoring ability; pesky
defender thrives in transition and has upside on both ends of the floor.

Team Winston
6'9 '19 Owen McCormack- Silky-shooting big man with quick release and range; he has upside
on defense, but already shows exceptional IQ and patience on the floor. McCormack is skilled
and doesn't force the action; he's a solid passer in the half-court.

6'3 '19 Mysta Goodloe- Nice combo-guard, scores at an efficient clip from all three levels and
knows how to keep the pressure on from start to finish. Goodloe is a solid creator, intriguing
prospect, especially given his long arms and strength.

NC Top Flight
6'4 '19 Tyler Dearman- The leader of this team, Dearman, showed up for this contest and did his
usual thing. He scored the ball quite well from all over the floor and made a constant impact in
the rebounding department.