Rocky Mount Mavericks

6’1 ’19 Javeon Jones- The strong-bodied guard prospect does a quality amount of everything on this team. He is the most active two-way presence on this team and gets his hands on the ball more than anyone else on the floor. Jones is an excellent rebounder for a guard and pushes well in transition, where he has the vision and scoring to continuously make plays.


6’4 ’19 DeVonte’ Wiggins- The attack for the Mavericks was pretty balanced, but Wiggins carried a pretty noticeable load for this team from start to finish. He’s a tough all-around player that plays multiple positions on this squad, including as one of the main big men. Wiggins is a great passer, especially in transition, and did a solid job of scoring from all over the floor.


Carolina Legacy

6’0 ’19 Zac Miles- Though somewhat slight in frame, Miles was one of the hardest workers throughout this game. He played simple, fundamental basketball from start to finish, and had a solid offensive showing as a result. Miles led the Legacy in scoring while only taking smart shots from the field.


Denver Nuggets

6’4 ’19 Sidney Dollar- The two-way wing prospect has enjoyed a solid showing over the last few weeks, but his recruitment should see an even bigger boost before the end of July. Dollar is a modern-day off-guard who can create, score, and defend—all at a high level. His well-rounded game is the main consistency with the Nuggets success.


6’5 ’19 Kabian McClendon- This Nuggets squad saw strong two-way consistency from McClendon in this contest. Offensively, he’s the main grunt worker, setting screens, fighting for position and making his impact felt on the glass. He keeps the ball moving on offense, which allows him to dig especially deep on defense, where he’s proven to be quite versatile.


Mooresville Magic

6’0 ’19 Devin Elliot- The quick, change-of-pace guard is one of the most intriguing prospects on this Magic team. He’s somewhat streaky, but he simply knows how to make things happen. Elliot is very quick and has the necessary foot speed to make a noticeable impact on defense; he’s able to force steals and make plays in transition.


6’4 ’19 Devonte Sampson- The forward is much like the glue-guy of this team, looking to do whatever is required to give his team an edge. He scores as needed, but most of his value is on the defensive end, where he can effectively utilize his long arms and versatility. Sampson keeps the ball moving and is almost always in the correct place.


WBC Elite

6’7 ’19 Jace McKenney- Though between positions, McKenney continues to improve in nearly every facet of the game. He has done an amazing job of developing his three-point shot, which was literally non-existent for most of the last two years, but is now one of his most reliable scoring avenues. McKenney is a great athlete with a high motor, but only time will tell if he ends up on the DI level.


6’5 ’19 Kwashek Breeden- Physically, there is a lot to like with Breeden, who doesn’t need the ball to make a constant impact on the game. He’s so active and plays so hard, especially on the glass and defensive end. Breeden is an excellent rebounder; he scores quite often on off-ball cuts

and transition opportunities around the basket.


Hoop State Elite – Rexrode

6’7 ’19 Jason Thompson- The long-bodied wing prospect is still one of the most intriguing players in the area, due to his unique skillset and cloudy recruitment. He’s a rangy defender, but there are times where he struggles to maintain his consistency on. That being said, Thompson has showcased his abilities as a creator, passer, and overall scorer at various times throughout the last few months. There is a ton of optimism that he could be a program-altering guy for the right school.


6’9 ’20 Josiah Shackelford- The big man looked pretty decent in this contest, running the floor, altering shots and trying to dunk anything in sight. He’s constantly improving on offense, but his lack of lower body strength is preventing him from being an elite presence around the basket. However, few guys have the frame and overall two-way capabilities that Shackelford does, but he has to continue stringing together quality stretches of play.


Team ENC 252

6’1 ’19 Shykeim Phillips- The point guard has been on a tear over the last few weeks and didn’t appear interested in stopping today. He opened the day with a fantastic all-around showing and did a nice job of leading on both ends of the floor. Phillips scored and passed the ball at a really high level while showcasing his incredible feel for the game throughout this contest.


6’3 ’20 Keishon Porter- The wing prospect wasn’t at his best last week due to injury, but he is certainly one of the more intriguing players on this roster. He is a great athlete with nice defensive prowess, which is how he earns most of his playing time. Porter can make plays without touching the ball, which is a big part of his value.


Team United

5’10 ’21 Cyncier Harrison- One could make a legitimate argument that Harrison was the best player on the floor, for either team, throughout this battle with Team ENC. He was the youngest guy from either team, yet displayed the most maturity and polish of anyone on the court. Harrison’s overall IQ and feel for the game are truly astonishing, because he plays like a


6’6 ’20 Jadyn Parker- The long-bodied forward is extremely intriguing, given his terrific length and somewhat unidentified skillset. Though somewhat thin, Parker understands how to effectively alter shots around the basket and shows a willingness to defend at all times. He runs the floor really well and possesses a lot of upside on offense.